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Planetary Logic and Circular Loops I thought that this idea was [...]

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Planetary Logic and Circular Loops

I thought that this idea was worth making into a brief (but silent) video, so that it can also live outside of this forum. It picks up on an idea proposed by David Icke that our planet Saturn is a "broadcasting station" that is designed to "hack into" our perception of reality and limit it to 3D and five senses (my interpretation). The link to David's original video is given in this one, for which the link is provided here:

One of the things I like about this group is that it is possible to be sharpened by the observations of others and hopefully give something back to the community as well. Just to demonstrate that this idea of comparing 3D and 4D thinking is not new to me, here is a link to a Vimeo video I made this past summer (2015). It makes use of a green screen, some video editing and a text scroller ( Even doing that much is a lot of work, so if anyone is able to present with more pizzaz, I at least have some of the video technical difficulties worked out. As they say in the video world, "Thanks for Watching!" and hope you are having a great day.
I have done a bit more research and thinking about this problem this afternoon and come up with these items:

1. The tilt of Saturn's rings will be at it's most open next year (2017) in October (…). It is on a approximately 7.5 year cycle. So that they will appear edge on in 2025 and then we will see the south side at it's maximum extent in 2032. These dates correspond roughly to expectations that this year and perhaps next are times of change.

2. The age of Saturn's rings is not officially determined. A quote from Wikipedia states: "There is still no consensus as to their mechanism of formation; some features of the rings suggest a relatively recent origin, but theoretical models indicate they are likely to have formed early in the Solar System's history". (…). To me, this is scientific double speak for "We know, but we're not telling." David Icke goes into much more detail about this whole topic (https://youtu [dot] be/EKS2e3-z2js. Replace the [dot] with the dot to view) and mentions an older scientists whose views were drastically changed based on studying these rings.

3. We do know for certain that Saturn has distinct rings and that it is unique in our solar system because of this. So the question is, "Why?" and "Does it affect us?" By coincidence, Ben Davidson from Suspicious Observers released this video two days ago (https://youtu [dot] be/Y42nmdC75do). The title is the "Health Effects of Space Weather". Essentially, he states that we in North America are behind on the topic, whereas our friends in Russia have been studying this for much longer and have better and more detailed information. In other words, if we are electromagnetic beings (and all signs point to the fact that we are), then electromagnetism should affect us. The question is, are we being affected negatively and is this effect intentional.

4. Is the main conclusion. If I am in a basement that is flooding with water, does it make more sense to me to run a sump pump to try to remove the water that way, or to look for the source of the water entering the house. To me it makes the most sense to look for the source of the water entering the house. If I find out there is a 6" pipe that has water constantly flowing through it that is filling up my basement, I need to find a way to turn off that flow. Can this be done in the case outlined here. This question I will leave open for others to answer or try to pick up again at a later date.

Saturday 2 July 2016, 01:37:24
Here is a very simple solution (and test) for the Saturn-Moon-Earth "Hack" hypothesis, for lack of a better term at this time. This article (…) states: "But even if not a major factor, distortion is somewhat important. My research with multiple listeners indicates that harmonic distortion above 1.2% on 20- 60Hz tones is audible, and above 0.3% at higher frequencies is audible. On complex music, about 10% distortion is considered the requirement for audibility."

In the video by David Icke on this topic (link given above) he plays a short excerpt of sound from (I think) the Cassini Mission to Saturn (…). It sounds like the proverbial screeching, distorted type of sound you *don't* want to hear. In other words, if we are exposed to a broad range of frequencies and someone wanted to limit us to a certain *set of those frequencies* one easy way to do that would be to simply provide *distortion* at all of the "unwanted" frequencies. This should be a relatively easy thing to test.

The interesting thing about this method is that the "unwanted" or "outside of the normal range" frequencies may be subtle. That is, a person or group of people might not immediately notice that frequencies outside of the "normal" range or missing unless it was pointed out to them. Also, if coupled with a lack of teaching about these "subtle energies" (Carmen Boulter), plus lots of distracting activity and information (no problem with that here on Planet Earth!) then that might point us further along in that direction.

To summarize, blocking out "unwanted" frequencies could be accomplished by simply providing "distortion" at these frequencies. This should be something that is easy to test. Or a variation of the same thing is that this "distortion" could occur *within* the range considered "normal" and thus create this difficult to pinpoint feeling of unease. And on that note, I can attest that this has been experienced. At any rate, this line of thinking was developed by looking at it from the point of view of audio and looking for "optimum audio dispersion from speakers". That is, a good question to ask if "optimum distortion" is noticed when Saturn is edge on or oblique to our line of view, as it is now. Difficult problem, but something that might be easy to check.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 02:23:17
So... an answer to this problem may be so simple it is almost laughable. I stumbled upon the Binaural Beats set of videos some time last fall. When I played these and was quiet, it was almost as if that sound became "light", if that is possible. Anyways, the best defense is a good offense. If "all" that Saturn is doing is emitting distorting sounds that make us vaguely uneasy and make it difficult for us to tap into the far broader range of frequencies available, then the offense that makes sense is to find that set of sounds that does the exact opposite. Here is one video that has an image that even matches the North Pole pattern of Saturn! I'll let the viewer and listener decide. I am almost certain there might be one or two others on this site who know a whole lot more about these isochronic tones, etc. than I do, but will leave it at that for now. Interesting how these things work out.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 02:43:31
I have mixed 30 seconds of the Binaural Beats sound from video above with 30 seconds of sound from Saturn (below). There appears to be about a fifteen second cycle in the Saturn sounds (although they have been compressed in time). The video link also indicates they have been shifted into the range of human hearing. Also in the brief excerpt from D. Icke's video (link given above), the sound is *much* worse. Still, I think this is worth looking into.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 23:24:04
Essentially, what we would be looking for would be something like a "noise cancelling technology". This might actually be present in something like, oh, I don't know, Adam's Calendar or Stonehenge, or maybe even just the Great Pyramid. Not that anyone around here might actually know anything about these... :), but I think we have some data in already in that regard in terms of the energy experienced and the fact that Adam's Calendar demonstrates a "toroidal energy pattern" (see one of any number of MTs videos which provide some details in terms of the frequencies measured there and so on). Thus once we have established the type of data to look at and focus on (frequencies, harmonics and resonance), we should be able to get some hard data without too much more effort.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 23:42:18
At the other end of the spectrum, the experiential, we *do* have some data. The first is a report of Chris Hardy in "The Sacred Network" (pp. 49-52). In this account, she felt led to meditate at night in one of the megaliths there "a very large and flat megalith supported by smaller stones, thin and standing". In the morning she woke and had to navigate over and around a number of the elders, who had come there to sleep. She thought that something may have happened during the dreamtime.

The second is from the newearth YouTube channel and covered in a video entitled "Reverse Engineering the Ancient Vibroacoustic Healing Techniques (Schumann resonance frequency)". https://youtu [dot] be/kdZXK4013m4. In the thumbnail for this video is a picture of an person lying inside of the sarcophagus (…) in the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau.

In other words, in a world without money, it is not only the physical items that surround and sustain us, it is also how we *perceive* our world. If we are surrounded by an intentional distortion field, then these relics from our ancient past may already be showing how us to deal with that. And the effects reported (such as clairvoyance and more) could demonstrate they may be on the right track. If the harmonics are right, then that feeds back into our *ability* to do the work, paid or not.
Monday 4 July 2016, 00:33:57
Since the initial post on this topic the Juno probe has arrived at Jupiter. This sparked another look at Saturn and should enable a comparison between the two. This link (…) shows a pole of Saturn and also clearly shows an aurora. So there is definitely something going on there. Looking further at images of speakers it shows also that the outside (hidden) portion of a speaker would look almost exactly as the pole of a planet. That is, if the top 10% or so of a planet was cut to look like a speaker cone, taking into account the features at the pole, they would not look dissimilar. It is also interesting that the Juno probe contains a lot of equipment designed to look at electrical phenomena at different frequencies, whereas the camera taking images in the visual range is stated to be doing this "to facilitate education and public outreach" (…#Scientific_instruments).
Wednesday 6 July 2016, 14:00:26
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