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Still figuring out how a Meeting would 'run' but am [...]

Cooroibah, Queensland
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Still figuring out how a Meeting would 'run' but am keen to attend or start one in the Noosa area.
My interests are parenting, art, piano, singing, market stalls, health and fitness
Hi Gabbi
I'm the same, have tried to get something going here in Noosa, but no luck so far. My idea was to start meeting to find the Shires in Queensland there would be perfect, for the election in 3 years time, (Election for Mayer and Counsels) where we would have a good chance to get the first Ubuntu started. When we have found them we can get started to get the shires ready for elections, talk to the people, have workshops etc.
Love to hear from everyone.
Saturday 9 July 2016, 22:24:11
Gabbi B
Hi Jorgen,
Well I'm still figuring out exactly how the Ubuntu method would work. I'm subscribed to the Gaia Channel and have noticed some workshops by Michael Tellinger on there but haven't had the time yet to listen to them, as there's hours of information, but I will make a note to listen to some tonight.
I have ordered the book by Michael Tellinger, 'Ubuntu Contributionism' and am waiting for that to arrive in the mail as well.
We'll probably need someone with land and a shed where we can meet for learning workshops and discussions and so that we can bring items to share with each other to lessen our dependence on money. It would be needed also, so that we have somewhere permanent to make items to sell, for fund raising for the next Elections. The local Elections aren't so expensive as I think the local paper advertises the candidates for free?
I've sort of put it all on the back burner at the moment too, hoping there'll be news of a massive data dump against the Cabal so that then new technologies such as free, renewable energy can be released.
Keep me in the loop!
Monday 11 July 2016, 01:00:45
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