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Hi all wanted to share this video I found on [...]

Reading, Pennsylvania
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Hi all wanted to share this video I found on you tube and add my commit as well, yes these corrupt FBI/FEDS hack into your phone. I don't have an IPhone but they do it to me all the time. They have gotten into mine and my sons email account, changed pass words and, even deleted an email account I had with all the evidence I had proving what they have been doing to me and my family for quite sometime now, explaining all they have done would be a never ending story. decided to share this video in hopes it might help someone.
The EMF from your phone WILL give you cancer and damage your DNA , the government snooping is just to see if they need to speed up the process. The wireless world is just a "convenient" way of self extinction !
Saturday 2 July 2016, 14:54:09
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