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Has anyone else ever seen this [...]

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Has anyone else ever seen this…

[deleted user]
We Brits brought accountability of Government and Rulers to the world when we made King John sign the Magna Carta.. A part of our history they want us to conveniently to forget.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 11:54:15
Interesting Quote from a Youtube video
Jorn Verschoor7 months ago
In the Magna Carta it states that only the King (or Queen) of England or the Pope (or Highest Cathlic representative) can dismantle this contract called "MC". What you are missing is the fact that Queen Victoria of England had a first born son (His name was "Marcos Manoel") born on April 25 1834 from a legal marriage with a Prince that she never divorced from. Her son was exciled in secret to Portugal that same year and had 7 children later in life. In 1850 he received a wooden chest full with Royal marks (many) from QV so he always could proove his status. Therefore is Queen Elizabeth II 100 Illigidement and bigomisly born and NOT a Queen. Not even a Royal, but 100 % compromised, so she CAN NOT dismantle this contract, only the True King of England can, who lives pennyless in Portugal. The real biological father of Queen Victoria was Jacob (James) de Rothschild, the youngest of the 5 brothers Rothschild as they gained the breeding-rights of the Britsch Royal family. the UN (with the IMF, WTO, WB, BIS and BRICS as braches under the UN or part of it), was founded in / on a "codified" way on Marcos Manoel`s birthday, only 111 years later, exactly till the day. No coincedense!!
Sunday 3 July 2016, 15:16:10
[deleted user]
Jeez.. A wealth of info there Phillpots.. Interesting as well.. I see the Rothschilds up to the neck again & comes as no surprise.. It seems they have left themselves vulnerable by not having the power to dismantle the MC??.. & they certainly wouldn't like the people to discover it.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 16:39:35
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