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HI ALL, Rise and Shine, I have a question. Does [...]

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HI ALL, Rise and Shine, I have a question. Does anyone know if you need to fill out a 1040 form for security deposit on a rental apartment? The reason for the question is because when I moved into the rental apartment I'm living in, back in December the management office had me fill one out, claiming it's for the bank and the taxes on my security deposit, although my security deposit was only $899.00. I've never singed one before for any of the apartments I've rented in the past and found it odd. I tried to google this question but come up with stuff like if your a rental owner, then you claim it on a 1040 form, something I'm not and since I've now become an'it social, I don't know anyone to ask. Does anyone know?
[deleted user]
Form 1040? Taxes on your security deposit? What? That all sounds very, very fishy to me! I would confront the property manager, nicely of course, ask them to clarify why they asked you to fill out a 1040, specifically what is the basis for the request (i.e. what law; state, federal, local), and have them site the statute/regulation, then you can accurately start there by looking up the law.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 20:09:30
Lorraine H
@Shamanic Engineering ok thanks
Sunday 3 July 2016, 22:24:41
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