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Catholic priests in Montreal banned from being alone with children [...]

New Westminster, British Columbia
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Catholic priests in Montreal banned from being alone with children…
Doesn't surprise me at all. In fact after visiting St John's Co-Cathedral - Home of the Knights (Grand Masters) of Malta I kinda knew it was all too true. I was gobsmacked when I visited and a Google search of images does not show the true extent of the strange statues, murals and paintings.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 16:03:20
I wouldnt read too much into it if I were you. Its just another ploy to keep the people happy and to stop them from questioning the church's practices. Also I can see that this is another slight of hand tactic and that these priests have been used as a scapegoat. When it was mentioned that these pledges and policies etc are written down they are as valuable as the paper they're written on, it won't be enforced, and if it is it won't be for very long, just until the mayhem dies down. Pedophile acts with the church and with the Govt's around the world; it won't stop until WE make it stop.
Monday 4 July 2016, 02:58:18
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