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Pay special attention to the Health benefit it offers.....I would [...]

Fayetteville, North Carolina
via Ubuntu - United States - Healthcare
Pay special attention to the Health benefit it offers.....I would like to share with you an incredible fundraising opportunity that will allow us to raise the remaining funds for Bolton Valley and to raise funds for many other communities.

Ubuntu Global has entered into a significant investment opportunity involving an independent mobile network. I am sharing this with you to see if any of you are interested in participating in this opportunity. The potential of this opportunity is truly limitless and could allow many of us to retire from our jobs in the current system.

The hardware is either a cell phone and "space station" to connect to cell service and/or you can purchase a Helo wearable device. The Helo really got my attention! Pay special attention to the Health benefit it offers while watching the below video!

This system is giving the power back to the people and you can earn money along the way! This is not a gimmick, it is new technology that will replace the current cell phone systems.

While you are researching and trying to decide if you want to be a business partner where you can make money (while we are transitioning to a moneyless society) or consumer, for now, you can sign up free up to hold your place at:…=
At the top of the page click join. That is what I did until I could do my research.
This is a good presentation of the business model and products available:
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