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Hello.I'm new to the movement. I'm very excited n eager [...]

Brockton, Massachusetts
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello.I'm new to the movement. I'm very excited n eager to work with others to develop my family land into a thrieving Ubuntu community. I'm hoping to get some help on how to begin
Deleted User
Welcome Jasmine, have you found a circle in your area yet?
Monday 4 July 2016, 18:43:31
Hi jasmine
Monday 4 July 2016, 19:31:09
Welcome Jasmine, I suggest you first read the book of Micheal Tellinger and watch his videos. It has to be an existing munincipality and has to have a willing mayor . It doesnot matter how small the munincipality is. UBUNTU has to win the elections there for 100%.
I have also this exitement and I cant hardly wait but in South Africa UBUNTU needs to win the elections (August 3, 2016 - So in 1 month) and then we have to wait untill the UBUNTU principal will start to role on from there. It should not take long Micheal Tellinger says it should be a matter of weeks not months...
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 13:10:19
Claude D
Welcome Jasmine. I joined the circle and live in your area. I am exited to work with you. Feel free to chat any time. Thanks!
Friday 22 July 2016, 01:22:32
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