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Hello Aaron F. Can you elaborate on what comment Michael [...]

Calgary, Alberta
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Hello Aaron F. Can you elaborate on what comment Michael Telliger made regarding Ubuntu is Calgary. I attended the speaking tour when Michael passed through. There was a standing ovation when he gave his presentation in the meeting room. By that barometer the reception was positive.
Aaron F
It's not based on anything he said about Calgary, it's more trying to wrap my head around having something like Ubuntu working on the scale of a 1.2 million strong city.
Wednesday 6 July 2016, 14:54:08
What specifically is in your mind regarding the size of the city as being either a contributing factor to Ubuntu or a detriment to its reception here. Please clarify.
Wednesday 6 July 2016, 15:41:33
Aaron F
Scale, mostly. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the process, it's just something that's much harder to accomplish as groups get larger.
Wednesday 6 July 2016, 16:40:51
Aaron. Can share what brings you to the Ubuntu platform and what you would like to see develop and what you will bring to this site through your affiliation with the people who come to this site.
Thursday 7 July 2016, 17:03:41
Question..Was Michael here in Calgary recently?
Saturday 9 July 2016, 02:24:13
No. He passed through on a speaking tour called the Modern knowledge tour that crossed the canadian country from coast to coast in 2014. I became aware of it through the internet. I was informed that he is currently working on the upcoming election in South Africa and has no time to consider travel plans outside Africa at this time.
Saturday 9 July 2016, 17:46:04
Aaron F
Sorry for the late reply Alain. I had watched and read Michael's work for years, and thought now was the right time to join.
Sunday 10 July 2016, 20:15:17
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