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The Earth will move from a 3rd Density space-time nexus [...]

Grand Island, Nebraska
via Ubuntu Planet
The Earth will move from a 3rd Density space-time nexus to a 4th Density nexus between, approximately, Autumnal Equinox 2016 and Winter Solstice 2016. Those of you with soul contracts with specific ET races or with specific Agarthan groups will, as confirmation of your transition to 4th Density, receive fully-conscious contact with them in that time period. By building UBUNTU/Contributionism communities, you are taking a major step forward on the path to becoming a full 4th Density Human. Work together in peace and harmony. Affirm all Life in everything you do. Live sustainably upon the Earth, knowing that you are here to be a steward of the Earth. Create the reality you desire--deliberately, consciously. These are the ways of the 4th Density Human, and UBUNTU/Contributionism communities are an expression of this way of being. Many 4th Density civilizations throughout the Galaxy organize themselves economically and politically as Equal Value Systems. The civilization outlined in Michael Tellinger's book, "UBUNTU Contributionism: a Blueprint for Human Prosperity" is a type of Equal Value System (because everyone's contribution is considered to be of equal value to everyone else's), similar to that used by some 4th Density Pleiadian civilizations, by the Shakani civilization, by the Ya'yel civilization, and by many others in the Galaxy. It works for them, it can work for us.
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