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The People's Lampposts & Tele-Poles in Knysna & Rheenendal are [...]

Knysna, Western Cape
via Ubuntu - South Africa - Knysna - South Africa
The People's Lampposts & Tele-Poles in Knysna & Rheenendal are busy sprouting UbuntuParty (UP!) Posters :o)< ... t'day & t'moro... with UP! Leaflets landing in useful places & spaces; n'Ubuntu prospects engaged on-the-fly, some awesome interest & openness to learn more about Alter-Native Co-Operative Contributionism - Solutions-Focussed Collective Creativity for Joyful Abundance flowing from Fun-Filled Freedom of Fulfilling Fantastically Feasible Futures ...There's so much MORE !!!
... & feel about this:- an empty bowl holds the maximum potential to be filled
Deleted User
Roi-Sun did you find the Circle yet?
Friday 8 July 2016, 12:50:04
Hi Janet, joined Knysna Circle, thanks...I noticed that my post above, in my circle, also appears on the main feed, so I guess this is good IT :o) btw - I think your Ubu'Reception Radar is pretty Awesome, you could even be the 'Chicken Soup for UbuntuPlanet', feel good !
Friday 8 July 2016, 18:20:29
Deleted User
OK ja Its all about connecting people. Even if its hooking other people up. Are you going to Asanti tomorrow?
Saturday 9 July 2016, 14:34:59
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