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Hi folks, some of you know already, I do a [...]

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Hi folks, some of you know already, I do a BBQ for us at our place in London SE18 (Plumstead). At the moment it looks set for the 27th of August. Whatever the weather, the place offers good space under clear roof and bonfire.

Could you please help me and get in touch with somewhat nearby members and spread the news? Best all join here - so we have a platform to talk to each other. I give my best - very busy recently - luckily lot of the effort went into some happy hiking in the Alps, now I have to pay for it and dig deep(ish) work-wise.

Amorzinho, Michelle O, Steve and Decker I am already in touch with.

Thanks for your help and ideas welcome how we organize it here on the site - don't know if it is possible to create an [email protected] group.

Love&Light and may the spirit keep on touching your heart.
Hey Walter,

I will put the word out for the BBQ, thanks for making this possible, I will ask Ogemc77 as his in my neck of the woods, we could come together maybe.
Saturday 9 July 2016, 11:33:07
Walter Dewald
Sounds good to me, thanks for that.
Saturday 9 July 2016, 11:33:53
haha, we are live, how are you today my friend?
Saturday 9 July 2016, 11:35:42
Walter Dewald
Sitting in Salzburg, typing happily away on a translation project with end of day deadline - hope then to quickly run up a mountain in the evening
Saturday 9 July 2016, 11:46:36
sounds good, well enjoy the mountains, i'm working too, would rather be outside playing lol.
Saturday 9 July 2016, 11:48:50
Walter Dewald
Yes, outside is much better - I am kind of a caveman and enjoy nature much. Great to stay overnight up the mountain, camp fire, bit of chicken, stars, the odd thunderstorm :-), next to Salzburg is the "Untersberg" a good 1800m high, long-stretched mountain, of which the Dalai Lama has said it is the "heart chakra" of Europe. It has a lot of energies and magic I must say. Just have been up there recently with a friend. Thunderstorms all around us, but we were really lucky, just a bit of rain in the morning.
Saturday 9 July 2016, 11:58:16
Sounds fantastic.
Saturday 9 July 2016, 11:59:58
[deleted user]
Hello Steve and Walter.
I'm just wondering what time that barbecue would be, as I work till 12:30. I'm very close to Plumstead though and wouldn't be a problem.
I don't know how that works but I'm open to take some kind of food to share. We used to do this when I was very young in family meetings.
Nice to know you are in Salzburg, Walter.
I took a course near by some years ago and used to travel to Austria quite a lot.
Have a great week.
Sunday 10 July 2016, 09:08:03
Walter Dewald
Usually it's best to start in the afternoon, and end 5 am :-). I will have some food - concentrate on fish, chicken, turkey and let people carry in the horses, bulls and giraffes in case they are keen on red meet. Veggie, salad and so I can do. If we become too many then I give a shout - usually it always works out nicely. I always tell people to take care of the alcoholic drinks.
Monday 11 July 2016, 10:35:25
Mat Dowle
Hi Walter - please add your meetup(s) to the events section - click "meetup" in the "write new post" box. Doing this will automatically notify everyone local to the event location
Monday 11 July 2016, 13:29:53
Walter Dewald
Hi Mat - thanks a lot, makes life much easier
Monday 11 July 2016, 13:30:58
[deleted user]
HI Walter. I'm a vegan and I will take something that I can eat. I think Steve is also vegan and maybe he has some ideas too. Please remamber to send us the address.
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 18:44:24
Walter Dewald
How strict is it? I am used to do veggie skewers and Quorn fillets and such stuff. Is eggs in a cake OK? I originally trained up as a chef (3 years apprenticeship in an Austrian hotel/restaurant)
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 20:22:49
[deleted user]
Sorry but eggs aren't part of the diet. I'm very strict to this choice I made because animals deserve all my respect. It's very kind of you to ask anyway and I appreciate. Can you do it without eggs?
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 21:42:33
Walter Dewald
I see, I can expand my cooking skills here - so no dairy products either isn't it? Is there anything you use as egg replacement - if such thing exists?
Thursday 14 July 2016, 02:36:17
[deleted user]
I've heard that there are vegan pasties in the SM but I haven't heard of substitute for eggs. I keep my life very simple and never look for new recepies as I love the vegetables and fruit just as they are. Milk is also something I don't have. It's very kind of you to be willing to make me feel good and willing to prepare something nice. Remember that this is my choice and I don't want anyone to be influenced by it. I do respect every one the way they are.
Friday 15 July 2016, 13:34:39
Walter Dewald
A good choice you made - did Michelle get in touch with you regarding Friday next week, just popping by with her?
Friday 15 July 2016, 15:10:31
[deleted user]
Yes, she did. I won't be able to make it before 7:30, as I finish working at 6:30 and until I get to you it would take a while. Could we do that on Saturday instead?
Saturday 16 July 2016, 16:39:42
Walter Dewald
Does that work with Michelle (i.e. Saturday)? I don't mind whatever - 7:30 is not late either. Best you talk to Michelle.
Saturday 16 July 2016, 16:42:33
Brilliant idea count me in😄😄 looking forward to it😄😄peace love and happiness to all
Monday 18 July 2016, 19:25:33
Hi walter, Saturday is good for me, in fact its better, are you going to clarify the date?
Monday 18 July 2016, 22:08:03
Walter Dewald
Hi Steve - Michelle, Amorzinho and John (Decker) come on Saturday 23rd about 3pm - seems to be an self-organizing event. So you and Ogemc77 come too this Saturday - would be great and fully fine for me. The original date for the BBQ was 27th of August, i.e. in a months. I am more than happy to meet as many as possible this Sat and keep advertising the one for August too, and do another one.
Monday 18 July 2016, 22:13:42
Walter Dewald
So this Saturday, the 23rd of July
Monday 18 July 2016, 22:14:29
cool cool cool, thanks Walter, have a good evening.
Monday 18 July 2016, 22:15:37
Walter Dewald
A very Happy Evening
Monday 18 July 2016, 22:17:00
[deleted user]
Hi Walter. I confirm that I will be there if not at 3, a bit after, as I work on saturdays as well. I'm looking forward to meeting these new group. Hope we can have a good connection. See you soon
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 12:20:56
Walter Dewald
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat, few hours away from flying - will be a veggie on the plane, too much work today, just finished a moment ago - Look forward myself.
Wednesday 20 July 2016, 02:37:34
Neil Warren
"Omnivores" also busy eating the UK financial services industry / City of London / Canary Wharf for breakfast, so watch out for any meaty carcasses etc:

Layman's Guide to Conveyancing Fraud:
a) If you signed a mortgage deed that wasn't dated at the moment you signed it;
b) And/or without witnesses properly attesting to those signatures;
c) And/or you signed the deed before you even owned the property you were instructed grant a mortgage over, in order to receive the funds to buy it from the owner;

Then you have the legal right to have its illegal registration cancelled by the Land Registry because the mortgage is void for failing to comply with the law;

And both the Land Registry and your conveyancing solicitor are liable for any losses you incur as a result of that illegal registration.

More details from World People's Peace Prize candidate Michael O'Bernicia:…

Copied in from my Real Name fa£$€book Inc dying dinosaur:…

It'll be lovely when airlines and vegetable growers also contribute, 100%, money-not-needed. It might be scary for some though, as we transition (depends what you do for £££s at the moment).
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 13:01:05
Stephie Heron
Mapping disused anything in and around londinium Please feed back to me on fb (I'm hungry ({;-)){ ~ Place Area Postcode Type Description Grid Ref. Be blessed ~ Stephie Heron
Thursday 2 February 2017, 14:50:09
Neil Warren
Whoa! 10 out of 10 Stephie (face upload to follow). Proof that if your less-than-adequate IT facilities can get a profile built and start using it, many millions more need have no excuses now. Well done - and you Walter for being whatever transition-from-Fa£$€book Inc guide you have been.
Friday 3 February 2017, 17:20:13
Stephie Heron
Thanks Neil ~ I do try Am trying Sp my ex always says anyway ({;-)){
Sunday 12 February 2017, 13:39:23
Neil Warren
Just pointed a private message from Essex-based Rebel Gardener (Jenny really) at you-us. The more I experience us actually being able to use and benefit from joined-up (and adult) online-with-offline communications, the happier I become. It's often like trying to explain to a Formula 1 car driver that horses don't have a gearbox, and vice versa, but such is the world of £-free multi-media pioneers (eh Mat?).
Monday 27 February 2017, 11:55:49
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