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People behave like monkeys, but when they sit in their [...]

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People behave like monkeys, but when they sit in their cars they follow traffic rules in order to not hurt each other. Turns out, we don't need to be in the metal boxes on the wheels, in order to communicate safely. Now Imagine you are on the boat made of human flash, in some kind a monkey costume in which you have dived in for a while, until it worn out and then you realize that there is no 'you', It just form of life that we all dive in and out (birth & death) All life on this planet has same source in different forms. And one form of life feeding/ eating other form of life. This is origin of love as a pleasurable giving and receiving in other words, sharing and contributing to each others well being, by fulfilling each others needs. Example of peaceful communication is making love, you don't need think much, you just fell your self and your partner and you both create something wonderful for both of you inviting one more sole in to life. So as long as we behave based on pure observation, we are fine, but when we act based on imaginary things ore on paper based reality, then we are fucked. Definition for 'being a wake' means 100% act on what you can feel, sense, observe... like a wake person. Same way like we turn lights on, when we drive metal box on wheals, we should have awareness about what is life in us in the moment = what do we need at the moment and there for have intentions to move in certain direction. That is how we will end this dumb meaningless debates, conflicts and fights about who is right and whose strategy we push forward with disregard other peoples needs. When people are aware about each others needs there is not so much to talk about. So we can just enjoy each others company, play: making life more wonderful then it is. Ore like a cows moves to words food: greener grass, we will together take care of vitality of our bodies and start to cooperate in to the greater organism then one Human being is. United humanity by feelings and needs in observe able reality are awake and serve with purpose to keep the balance on this planet, just because caws can't do that and it is for our own benefit.

We are result of cooperating partials, molecules, cells... everything is in perfect order under the microscope ore over the telescope in the dark sky. But in between of us total cause and if we will not fit with rest of the universe we will be gone like those who build pyramids.

We all want live and love, so shut a fuck up and start talk real stuff, what it is that you need at the moment and how you feel about it? That is called sincereness. It is simple reason for me to ask you How you feel, because you need, what exactly? Because only you can sense that and it is sincereness, senses observe able only by you. Everything else I can observe so as everybody else .

I don't need to hear nonsense = everything that no one can sense. I don't need listen to some imaginary stories and follow them ore even try to take it seriously.
There is no should, have to, superiors orders, company police … shut up and tel me how do you feel right now ? what it is that you really need as a human being? , because that I can understand and everyone of us. All humans have universal needs, observe able resources and calculator. There is no need for politics, money and other imaginary real shit, just because it is good enough to perfectly function based on observe able reality. If one fulfill ones needs in expense of other then there is no peace in that picture. Wake up dreamer, I am here right with you living at the same moment with you and we all are 'us'. There is nothing you can feel that I could not feel too and there is nothing that you need that I wouldn't need too. I am willing to help, to contribute to our well being. Your needs equally matters to me like my own needs and I will assist you ore tell you what disturbs me to assist you, who knows maybe we will work out what I need so I could help you too(?).

That clarity will be explained to a “criminal” by a Restorative Justice “Judge” and peoples activities will be readjusted in to a life serving way, so that everyones needs could be met by free giving from the heart with satisfaction to contributing to other while fulfilling own need ore agenda. It is like traffic rules and we can create gadgets to help us out like a app on the phone. Which already exist amazing software that guides you through conflict as safely as traffic rules through crossroads. It is enough with one part to know NVC in order to nicely pass by for both. And if we teach kids in the schools to communicate based on observe able reality, then humanity may not kill it self.

I see opening for shot for all of us. We need to expose people with life serving ideas faster then media does spreading, fear, mistrust, paranoia ore false awakening, when people just subscribe to a different dream ideology and consider them self awake, just because now they run in other direction after imaginary real stories about good bad right wrong moral …

Wake up: tel me what you love? what you feel? what you need? what is your request to me? Brexit is imaginary real and we all need eat, poop, sleep and have each other in observe able reality.

So which way you go imaginary ore observe able? Are you dreamy in the head ore awake? I know we all need safety so it is in the money ore in the people? Fear ore love? How about we wake up from all nonsense and see what we can do for each other, everyones needs value equally? Because everyones needs can be met by free giving from the heart with happiness of the chilled feeding hungry duck. Every human need can be met by effort that you pay kissing your loved one.

It is technically do able and we know how to and everyone are welcome to improve.

Ore get a guns and beat shit out of each other, that is do able too. Hell and heaven is right here right now and we all doing it.

Swallow your ego and apply NVC in your life right now. I feel stressed, because I need safety for all of us and I would like you to dig in to NVC.

My request would be Google Marshal Rosenberg PhD in clinical psychology It is really easy to understand how NVC works, but it takes effort to practice to learn how to ride that bike.
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