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Beautiful Crop Circle in Stonehenge, England [...]

Bremen, Bremen
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Beautiful Crop Circle in Stonehenge, England…
[deleted user]
very impressive
Monday 11 July 2016, 16:45:47
Ein echter Kornkreis von unseren Brüdern und Schwestern? Es berührt mich sehr / A real crop circle of our brothers and sisters? I am very touched
Monday 11 July 2016, 21:31:37
Very impressive! I have made a crop circles many years ago just a circle and that was bloody hard this my take a incredible mind
Monday 11 July 2016, 22:08:06
An attempt to communicate our brothers light by means of plasma energy. If you're telepathic, convergence takes place. Lots of light and joy.

Ein Versuch der Kommunikation unserer Lichtbrüder mit Hilfe der Plasma Energie. Wenn man telepathisch begabt ist, findet eine Annäherung statt. Viel Licht und Freude.
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 08:52:20
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