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Hmm. I wonder if this is really the bank - [...]

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Hmm. I wonder if this is really the bank - you know the fall guy, who knows!…
What will happen?? The euro and EU look to be on their death bed but that won't stop another round of global Quantative Fleecing... Stock markets will continue to rise, asset prices will inflate, and the Deutsche will be propped up a little longer??

Also, what do you make of the racist and overtly 'American' ignorance that seems to emminating from a lot of ZH articles these days? Economically they are always on point but politically they're nearly as bad as the MSM, IMHO!
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 06:52:29
There is a global reset coming and its already started. How long it takes is anyone's guess. Perhaps when more and more people get to know about their secret accounts… (British accounts towards the bottom) then things will change. They owe us not the other way round. As for Zerohedge the are controlled but they are one of the best of a bad bunch.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 18:01:50
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