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Big thanks to fourfingerz for sharing about this
Monday 11 July 2016, 02:41:10
Just show what lengths they will go to to hid these truths. Hemp oil, Turkey mushrooms…
Monday 11 July 2016, 22:04:52
interesting, thanks
Monday 11 July 2016, 23:10:32
Liked and will look into more. Always interested in foods. Talking about east Turkey and Iran area. I use Sumac in practically everything I use. Sprinkled on salads and added to cooked foods. Little known but so wonderful in the kitchen. Would never be without it ever again.
Monday 11 July 2016, 23:28:29
Umm not hear of Sumac i'll have to track some down
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 18:12:41
Use it most days. And as we speak adding it to salad right now. I love it. I will write up how I came to hear about later when I more time.
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 18:16:45
Sounds good Phillpots and do you know an organic source for it here in the UK
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 19:06:09
I found out about Sumac about 4 years ago by chance. I was watching a BBC documentary (as I did in those days) it was about Iran. The reporter was in Tel Aviv wondering around the bazaars. The documentary was not about food but he quickly interviewed a food stall holder and asked why do you not have cholesterol in this country. The stall holder replied all our food has Sumac in it. And that was it. I searched and found a local Asian shop that sold it. Then I tried online. Big supermarkets were not selling but now they are -Tescos I know. As for organic I have no idea. I would have thought with the origin being Eastern Turkey and Northern Iran, big corporations will not be involved. So I would imaging it is cultivated in traditional manner. Hope this helps.
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 20:09:05
Great PP thanks, I will seek it out and embrace it. I love finding out things like this, nature provides everything we need and humanity are remembering it all slowly. I support Survival (the charity) they help tribes, I believe these tribe hold the key to our future and we need to learn from them not destroy them.
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 20:21:40
It's the same here in Canada , They ruined many native peoples lives and culture but they are making a come back after years of abuse .
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 01:26:29
Great to hear they are coming back I wish I could live a more tribal existence for sure
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 20:45:41
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