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Hi Everyone Just wanted to share these details with you all [...]

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Hi Everyone
Just wanted to share these details with you all that I received from one of our circle members:

Hi Carla
There is a gathering/meeting in Nottingham this coming Saturday 16th, starts at 1pm, its not anything to do with the full circle project but its worth going too. There will be speakers with different subjects but there should be lots of stuff on the law/courts and what to do and how and when. All are welcome and I would think it would be a great chance to share ideas. There will be political stuff also so maybe Llyod would be interested. The meeting is in a pub called the Navigator Inn very close to the train station postcode NG21AA. Be great if you could come.

Take a look at Mark Ceylon channel on youtube. Look for the video that says Nottingham meeting july 16th @ 1pm do not miss this one. It tells you who is speaking but I am not sure now if it involves law and stuff. I have been following those guys for around 2 years and I intend to go to this meeting. There into everything that involves the common people. Those people have worn the T-Shirt on most stuff and help out anyway they can. Beat the bailiffs-get out of debt free that sort of thing.

get out of debt free website:…

Apparently they had Ken O'Keefe there in June.

If anyone local plans on going let me know as I'd be interested in car sharing.

I really wanted to go and see O'Keefe but at 3 hours drive their. I gave it a miss. I waited for the video but none so far. I follow their videos and love the Kak and [email protected] show. Follow Tom Crawford and I reckon if he wins - the mortgage/debt system is in big trouble.

I started following these guys 4 years ago after I visited Nottingham for a long weekend break. Nice/BUSY city.
Monday 11 July 2016, 16:47:58
[deleted user]
Haven't heard of these guys before. But they certainly seem to put words into action. Looking forward to seeing more of their work
Monday 11 July 2016, 16:58:58
Monday 11 July 2016, 17:00:55
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