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I see this man with strong compassion to all of [...]

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I see this man with strong compassion to all of us. Hes need for our safety and health are evidence of care, evidence of love to all of us. I sense anger caused by fear which is very natural in a situation when you realize we getting hurt. And I would like to support this man and best strategy that I came up with is just ask your help to share that video in order to rise awareness. Does any one else know how to help us to heal from madness? Help me, I am less smart on my on, I need all of you It considers our health and I would like to us to gather for our life serving cause. I see harm and I don't know what to do? Please wake up, it is all about us and I can't even survive with out you. There is so many of us it has to be something that we all could do very little that could multiply Our effort for life serving cause. Share all life nourishing ideas For all of us. In order to survive as group and be happy and healthy we need to share vital information, be sensitive and adjust our activities frequently.
Start with people, that you feel secure with and honestly tel them how you feel, what it is that you need and ask for sincereness back. Thats the way how to reconnect back to natural way of life. That is compassion that prevents us from hurting each other so please follow safety protocol. From now one never listen what other people think ore stories would like to tel you, Have your intention to identify what that talking nonsense person need? Because that is real cause of any human action. So skip the acting part avoid any identification ore ego provoking stories and ask how I can make life more wonderful then it is?
I find this question very important: How I can make life more wonderful then it is? There is no need for me to know persons social status, profession, label, rank, brand, title, money, power of influence, uniform ... I don't need to even know persons name.
what ever persons appearance represent, I care only about how it serves life for all of us? So if we want survive our madness, we need to make effort to keep us a life. I don't care what it is that you do ore say as long as it serves our life I feel sincerely thankful for and have a need to celebrate any life serving effort together with all of us.
Who ever you are what ever you do, when you serve our life, you contribute to all of us and me and I love you and I am wiling to help you and I would like you to feel home among us connected naturally in compassion. I want to share with you everything and perfectly would be with all of us human beings.
It is not the darkness, violence, scare us most its that bright light in our hearts.
So we take it from the small steps: take each other in the hands singing together, having traditions, serving life rituals, exchanging vital information, sharing resources, cooperating on universal human needs... Instead of TV, hang out at the evenings together with out no particular cause, spent time in nature with out radio. read the books that retrievals for you your subject of interest instead of newspaper, and if you look in Internet with out knowing what you looking after ... then trust me, some one is looking after you for profit.

I know that fear hold us apart and prevent from sharing and help each other out. Well just be sincere Show willingness to see that life serving direction and give as much as you would like to do for fun. If everyones needs value equally then your own needs equally are value with the persons that you give to. Never give in ore give up anything there is no need for sacrifice. Shared burden gets lighter and shared joy gets greater. There is a technical reason to share and unite in our effort to survive. Watch out that no one harvest your effort to live. Fruits of your activities should go to you until you satiated and then share surplus with the happiness of the child feeding hungry duck. Life is a play how to make life more wonderful then it is. It is like that and it always was and will be truth regardless what you sow on TV ore Internet. Wake up and rise I love us all .…

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