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So... how do we start getting our community off the [...]

Springfield, Missouri
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So... how do we start getting our community off the grid and self-sustaining? I get that one of the first steps has to be free energy, but how do I come up with thousands of solar panels for everyone in Springfield???
don't ask Mr. Burns good question.. i think we gotta fund local start-ups of energy providing companies.. info on free energy technology and devices are out there to research and test ourselves.. all it takes are a few good tech savvy folks to get together, test some devices, succeed- project forecasts for providing energy for 1,000's of people, set up a crowdfunding/kick-starter fundraising campaigns and get it cracking in the community! easier said than done of course
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 14:01:20
[deleted user]
Regarding solar panels, grow them. Economies of scale make it less expensive to grow your own once you're trying to satisfy the power needs of 7-8 homes vs. buying kits for them all. As for free energy, back up, and reconsider what you need energy for in the first place. Take inventory of the problems you're trying to solve, then look into solutions, think outside of the box, but don't be afraid to think inside the box too. There are many proven technologies and techniques that will reduce the electricity you need, consider what those might be. There's a lot of good information out there, dig, dig, dig.
Thursday 14 July 2016, 00:26:03
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