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I'm inspired. As a 20 year small manufacturer of yurts [...]

Homer, Alaska
via Ubuntu Planet
I'm inspired. As a 20 year small manufacturer of yurts in Alaska I think I know better then anybody how money stops production ! I feel ubuntu in my heart. I don't fully understand it intellectually yet. I think I see truth though and such vibrant hope. So I will be steeping myself in the thought and the visions ahead for a while. I did offered to give a 30 minute monologue on Ubuntu at a local light worker festival of healing. So I better get an understanding intellectually ! I'll be writing over the next month. I want this monologue to reflect the hope and the heart and the truth that I feel with this shift.I also want some practical how to solutions in there. I may be putting pieces up here for edit. I think a short entertainment piece that could visit the churches.. Right now, I'm listening to lectures. Just got to this place today! Hi! Jess
thank you for all of your work Jess! glad to have a light worker with us, which you are when you have made yurts by hand. welcome to Ubutnu!
Thursday 14 July 2016, 01:18:51
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