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So what are people's idea of a full spectrum response? [...]

La Ciotat, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
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So what are people's idea of a full spectrum response? it all starts from within right?: attaining significant knowledge of self and wisdom of the outside (inside and holographic) world and the bigger pictures considering higher forces at work on both sides.. have you empowered yourself with enough knowledge that you're confident that it can transcend in empowering others? when shit hits the fan, what are your response-abilities with all that knowledge you'ved attained? will you open your heart to humanity and service others who are utterly confused during the chaos? or will you be stern with those who doubted or labeled you a conspiracy fool, who'll be desperately asking you for help in a way like, "see, i told you so, now who's the fool?".. i intend to keep my arms open to anyone, including those who don't care for me.. what's the full spectrum response inside yourself? i'm trying to put it together as i write and have a moment away from my job; remain stoic in pursuing solutions during these times of mass confusions.. let go of any fear, doubt and resentments that creep into mind.. stay close to source and contain that positive energy balance within and around your aura.. have enough supplies to get thru a few days like water, food, candles, wind up electrical batteries/flashlights, 1st aide kit, cash, lemons, baking powder, white vinegar, acv- enough for neighbors in need too.. (this ain't some end of the world survival kit list- just some vital items that are useful during blackouts and such).. getting in touch with those around me to assure them things will be ok and offer any (positive) services/help they may need or ask..
Greetings. I read your extensive bio on the site. It is good that you are keeping an open mind in your process of discovery inwardly in your being and outwardly in your travels. My ancestral lineage is French but I have not yet visited France. When our mind and hearts are unified by our quest for truth, our lives become a mirror and hopefully an inspiration for the possible, Thanks for sharing here.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 15:30:27
bonjour Alain and thank you for your comment.. maybe you'll make it out here someday
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 15:39:35
The knowledge that I have gained so far I share it far and wide to any who will listen to me. The day when the shit really does hit the fan and what my Dad fears the most comes to pass, which is Anarchy. I won't be one to say I told you say, I will be the one asking them if they need help and offering what I can to help those get through. Thats what kind of person I am.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 16:50:25
I belief that the heart of humanity is sound and that it will be through the principle of sharing that the trauma we have been living through that wholeness can be manifested as a global village of villages. The potential for this happening has been hijacked by small group of power mad individuals operating through its web of deceit. We can use this as a catalyst to spark a grassroots movement to place a spotlight on our true potential and reclaim our freedom. As freedom is at the core of the human spirit and it is our inherent right given to us by the Creator that all men are created equal in the light of infinite intelligence. It is though brainwashing that we have been lead to believe otherwise. This is a slave mentality not a child of the living truth.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 17:15:10
[deleted user]
"Response to what?", is the question I must first ask myself. There is a lot under way right now between police brutality and government harassment, financial ruin/economic collapse, currency collapse, civil unrest/civil war, global war, destruction of the ecosystem, poisoning of the air, water, and food supplies, disease epidemics, medical tyranny, to name just a few of the more pressing problems we're facing. This is what a full spectrum assault on humanity looks like. What does a response to such an onslaught look like?

1) Education - Self education is the best education. Teach yourself how to see the truth in every situation, hone your intuition and insight to a razor's edge. Learn about the elements of the full spectrum assault, learn as much as you can about ways to mitigate each problem. In a crisis situation water is key, without water you're dead, food comes second, next learn how to deal with your poop/hygiene, medicine/first aid, and finally shelter. Learn something about organizing human effort, what we might call government, or administration, anarchy is not chaos, it is life without a leader, learn what it means to lead yourself and others who may need help in the absence of officialdom. State of mind is very important, this can't be over emphasized, learn how to see the silver lining in every dark cloud. Learn how to infect others with a positive state of mind, and learn something that can be used to uplift people through storytelling, music, and dance, learn how to do something beautiful.

2) Prepare - Use the time we have now, before a major crisis manifests, to reach out to others in your community and begin to put into place those things you will need in a crisis. Again, water, food, clothing, shelter, hygiene, medicine are all very important. Use the Internet while you have it. How can you lay the groundwork now, in a non-threatening, non-alarmist way to provide these things on a community level? If you live in an area that suffers from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes/typhoons, couch your preparations in those terms. If you live in an area that is becoming depressed because of a loss of income/jobs, use that. Be creative, look for opportunities to discuss these things with your neighbors. Many people today are concerned about the world in ways that make them more open to working together, while providing for themselves, as they see the failures of officialdom at ever increasing levels. The elite are counting on their crisis leading to chaos, forcing everybody to clamor for them to do something to save us! Imagine their surprise when, instead, we just sort it out for ourselves. They will be in chaos then!

3) Avoid the crisis altogether - If you feel you're in an area where resources are too few to support the population, or people will not come together, or worse, people will not even work for their own betterment, and may even prey on each other, go somewhere else! There is no shame in preserving yourself, don't swallow the "service to others" Koolaid so completely that you're willing to sacrifice yourself to help people who don't want to help themselves. Balance your needs against the needs of others. If you're injured, starving, dehydrated, or being taken advantage of, you will not be effective in helping others, you will simply become a sacrificial lamb. Go someplace where there is a spirit of self sufficiency, community, sharing, mutual support, and other traits that make for a good society, not just in a crisis, but in the best of times.

What we should all be striving for on this planet is not survival, but the abundance and success that is possible for each and every one of us. We have within ourselves the ability to make it through just about anything that could happen to us. If we can avoid destruction of our planet at the hands of the psychopaths, and we must, then the next thing to overcome is ourselves, and our reliance on these very same psychopaths to provide for every need. Learn to take responsibility for yourself, and the rest will work itself out.

As an aside, there is no such thing as "too many humans", don't buy into the climate change nonsense, or other aspects of the Malthusian agenda. Don't buy into "minimalism" or "tribalism" either, we are animals seeking to become human beings, act like it. Realize what it means to be a human being, we are co-creators in Universe, are role is to harvest information and problem-solve, its what we do. We should be changing the planet, drastically, but for the better, and for everyone. We are here to meddle! There are ways to do this beneficially, we already know what they are. We can turn this planet into the most splendid life support system she can possibly be, instead of killing her in ever more clever ways. Nurture her, tend her, help her to do what she does; grow life. Part of that is coming together with one another in ways that help to facilitate that end, not just surviving the trials that the psychopaths have placed before us.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 22:24:10
yes yes and yes!!! thank you all, those are sweet responses and ideas.. well, obviously shamanic engineering went above and beyond as usual which is always appreciated as i was nodding my head in agreement the whole way thru- thank you!.. i heard that the earth can contain over 50 billion btw... so the name of this site is FCP "full spectrum response" and i like how you answered my question based off that by stating there's a full spectrum assault on humanity- even all life on earth it seems, no matter the ratio of collateral damage or direct destruction.. i'm not some service to others hippie, haha, i like what you said about that which i'm glad you mentioned cuz that's important to keep in mind- like so much you mention, altho i would make a grave sacrifice for my wife.. not like i expect any bs hollywood apocalyptic scenario to go down- i believe that the heart of humanity is sound too Alian.. besides, apocalypse means the disclosure of something hidden, which seems to have been at our doorstep for at least a decade..
there are certain positive concepts of anarchy also Rach, more along the lines of what shamanic said..
Thursday 14 July 2016, 01:36:00
Yes, Yes, YES!! Love what you wrote Shamanic Engineering and like AYM I was nodding in agreement too.
I don't see a problem in anarchy at all I was stating that my father has issues with it. He told me that he is happy to pay tax, happy to stay asleep and let others take care of the world for him so that he doesnt have to do anything. Confrontation with people, worldly affairs makes my Dad on edge. I have learned so far that sacrificing yourself for the sake of others who aren't willing to help themselves is not being noble, its down right foolish. Help is given to those who need it or seek it. Sounded a bit Albus Dumbledore, hahaha
Sunday 17 July 2016, 13:55:26
haha, well put Rach, thanx
Sunday 17 July 2016, 15:05:53
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