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Stephen Bassett recently said that, Obama may disclose ET presence [...]

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Stephen Bassett recently said that, Obama may disclose ET presence before the end of his term in office in 2016. Does anyone have view on this.…
I'm sure it's coming. Perhaps its a euphemism for "Lizards."…
Thursday 14 July 2016, 20:25:47
[deleted user]
Lets hope there are also benevolent ones as well, who are for us!
Thursday 14 July 2016, 21:00:26
Thursday 14 July 2016, 22:13:05
Thursday 14 July 2016, 23:15:54
Jimmy Carter said he would disclose the ET presence if elected President. Neither did Eisenhower disclose.
Friday 15 July 2016, 00:30:01
I'd like to comment on that ,but I won't
Friday 15 July 2016, 02:57:03
Problem is , if they do it's going to open one mighty large can of worms....👽
Friday 15 July 2016, 12:22:25
[deleted user]
The ufo researchers (eg. Richard Dolan) want to disclose ET themselves on mainstream media. They think if its left to the US government and media it may be turned into a false flag. Maybe a project Bluebeam senario.👽

Bookies William Hill:

“The last bet was 100/1 but we are now just 25/1 and will be offering maximum bets of £50 [$65],” a William Hill spokesperson said.
“Over the years we have had many bets for aliens but this is the first time that we have been worried.”


Interesting Poll from: "Before its news",

Do you believe in aliens? YES 77% NO 23%
Do you believe NASA is a reliable governmental agency? YES 32% NO 69%
Do you believe in Project Bluebeam? YES 54% NO 46%
Do you believe full disclosure will ever happen? YES, FULL DISCLOSURE 29% YES, BUT IT WILL BE A FALSE FLAG (project Bluebeam) 34% NO 36%
And if you believe we will receive full disclosure, who will give us disclosure? 34% believe it will be Vladamir Putin…
Friday 15 July 2016, 14:39:28
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