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Hello everyone, I have made a video collection/pack that in my [...]

Odorheiu Secuiesc, Județul Harghita
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Hello everyone,

I have made a video collection/pack that in my opinion includes the most important and most inspirational videos regarding the Event, Lightworkers, Liberation of the Planet and Victory of The Light.

It is always important to remind ourselves to our mission, to contribute to the Event, to hold the Light. Especially because we are under scalar wave technology and different thought distortion every day that makes us depressive and forgetful. These videos help to maintain our goals and vision.

Also it's very important in my opinion that we have these vital videos full of information in our computers because at the time of the Event there may be no internet connection. And we know that the internet is not such a safe place. This way we will all have these 'pearls'

This pack includes 9 videos:

-The Weekly Event Meditation Instructions Video
-The Worldwide Reset Imminent Video
-The Cintamani Stone Video
-The Brotherhood Of The Star Video
-The Galactic Codex Video
-One highly inspirational video about the lightworks done in 2015 by Asian Lightworkers
-----And 3 more very interesting and inspirational videos about Lightworker missions, Galactic Stellar Nations and the New Earth after the Event.

By clicking on the following link you can download the pack, please share it, and store it…

Victory of the Light!
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