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What's the psychology of the New Zealand geezer who could [...]

Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
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What's the psychology of the New Zealand geezer who could boil water with sound?
Well, he took the secret with him to the grave, but why?
Did he receive threats to harm his family or something?
To know something is a responsibility, is it not?
Saturday 16 July 2016, 13:44:34
Thanks. It would be excellent material to refute the modern scientific dogma. Come to think of it, Abraham Zapruder who accidentally filmed the Kennedy assassination didn't destroy his film. It was the Secret Service agent(s) sitting in front who shot Kennedy.
Saturday 16 July 2016, 19:05:28
Are you talking about the driver who slows then turns and looks like he's firing a pistol at Kennedy?
Saturday 16 July 2016, 20:55:22
Yes, the driver. But actual shooting may have been done by the agent on the passenger seat. In other words, the driver was merely distracting the attention of the four in the back.
Saturday 16 July 2016, 23:35:55
Interesting. I will check out again and concentrate on front passenger rather than what I always concentrated on which was the obvious driver turning.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 16:18:16
One official said (Don't remember who) JFK had a small bullet entry hole on his throat but after the autopsy, it was enlarged (to make it look like the exit hole). The head injury may have been inflicted long after he was dead to make look as if he was shot from behind.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 21:10:44
Why did Jacqueline, in her panic, crawl over the boot in the back of the car? To escape from the assassin(s) in front.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 21:14:58
I have just watched this a couple of times… difficult, but I do see a movement to face forward by front passenger as soon as shot was fired although I cannot see the front passenger firing.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 21:29:03
The impact on JFK was from front. Jacqueline immediately tries to run toward the back of car.
Monday 18 July 2016, 13:41:16
It's the agent on the passenger seat who turns around and shoots JKF in the face. 7:15
Monday 18 July 2016, 13:55:25
Thanks very interesting. If only this was on tele.
Monday 18 July 2016, 16:39:33
Monday 18 July 2016, 20:20:48
Be careful with any argument or anyone who doesn't even mention the Israeli connection. JFK INSISTED on inspecting Dimona, Israel's nuclear mecca. A short few months later, he ended up on an autopsy table.
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 04:20:30
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