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"Be Careful Who You Follow" - Max Igan's recent post [...]

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"Be Careful Who You Follow" - Max Igan's recent post 15-16 July…
Very good video. Inspiring. He says to start with your politicians amongst others. Been there done that.…

I have hit a wall because my MP is corrupt to the core (yes David its you, you are not trustworthy) and part of the corporate control within my government. The system is the problem. Beyond my MP where do I go now? I'd like to contact other MP's around the country but the system says I cannot. I can't contact and talk to other MP's?? WTF!! Democracy at its finest. What a load of BS democracy is. I am being fooled and I reckon you are as well. Yes I need help, we all need help. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Saturday 16 July 2016, 23:26:57
[deleted user]
You're doing well Philpots, keep going. We all feel like that sometimes.
Saturday 16 July 2016, 23:43:49
Phillpots- at least you have the guts to approach your local MP, I havent gone to that level yet as I feel that I would crumble under pressure. I mean there are a plethora of issues that need to be addressed both where you live and me as well. How do I approach them and ask the questions that build inside of me without becoming emotional or irrational, how did your approach to your MP start Phillpots?
Sunday 17 July 2016, 14:19:32
Thanks Rach. Its fear that stops most from contacting their local MP. Pick something that really concerns you (I chose the Global Debt Facility) and contact him or her via their email and ask for a meeting. After all they are supposed to be working for us. Take written evidence with you, explain. Let them quickly check the internet and see what answers he/she gives you. Based on this you should know whether your MP is part of the problem. They are only human. I ended up having a really nice conversation about Jerusalem as we just so happened to be there around the same time last September. They are not above us and as far as I'm concerned they have have a lot more to hide and will fear us when we find out out their system is just being played for the benefit of them not us.

Everyone should listen to Max in this video and take note of what he is asking which is basically what I have been doing and WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD DO AS WELL - LOSE THE FEAR.

Really good post Freedom.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 16:03:02
[deleted user]
Yeah, don't give up Philpots, we all can draw some inspiration from your work,, you are defiantly on the right track, it just needs more of us to put the pressure on - Also as Max says, a day or two of none compliance to the system en mass, I think could be another workable idea if we can get enough people interested??
Monday 18 July 2016, 10:59:12
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