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Sometimes, it's nice to revisit our Destiny. The Galactic Codex [...]

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Sometimes, it's nice to revisit our Destiny. The Galactic Codex is calling.…
[deleted user]
thank you that was beautiful, loved it:)
Sunday 17 July 2016, 05:47:02
I was almost desperately in need of this message. Like most, I made a huge transition around 2011-2012. But there has always been some extreme challenges for me in release fear and guilt. I was also of the belief that the pain and suffering I was going through were simply a means to learn and ascend.

But in the last month, it feels almost out of hand. I am grumpy, exhausted, and pretty negative. It feels like I have lost complete faith in myself and in my guides to the point that I wonder if maybe I am one of the bad guys. (FYI, I work in insurance and help people go about cleaning up their lives.).

I have to acknowledge that I have felt a bit sceptical when reading The Event handbook. But after reading the Galactic Codex again in the video, I felt inspired!

I wonder if this is really the Dark Forces last attempt to keep me under their thumb? You see, I was told in 2013 that my purpose was to be Guardian of the Earth Star. The vision of it was shown to me, so I created an image for all to see.

I am the Guardian of the Earth Star. I channel Source energy to all. The purpose is to maintain balance and protect all energies through all time, space and dimensions to live their lives as they were meant to.

I once meditated to successfully remove implants, attachments and other negative programmings. I think the current round will be to finally release and cleanse from this final attempt to tear me down.

I am most thankful to you for posting this to me. It was Divinely timed.


PS I like telling my story to others so that they know how they have helped me

Sunday 17 July 2016, 17:24:54
[deleted user]
Jyinderyl you are and will always be important in your work that you do and for just being you.Never forget how great and divine you are.the journey and learning never ends. It always brings us closer to the source.we all have our "mission" and we all get weary and tired at times especially now so close to the victory. You are never alone.we are here to support each other.loads of Love to you, martina
Sunday 17 July 2016, 17:59:59
[deleted user]
thank you Edward, it is helping a lot
Sunday 17 July 2016, 18:27:18
Martina Fiarydust. Thank you for the love. It isn't often that I get any responses back.
Sunday 17 July 2016, 20:20:04
Hi Jynderyl. I am glad this has helped. I have great hope in your mission and your strength.
Much Respect
Monday 18 July 2016, 01:43:40
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 23:23:19
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