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Went to a university graduation yesterday.. quite possibly one of [...]

Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
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Went to a university graduation yesterday.. quite possibly one of the most condescending ceremonies I have ever bore witness to.. all these subtle implication that these qualifications make these graduates now in some way better than those without.... and I did not realise how dripped in state-ish ritual these things are... asking people to stand as the upper echelons of the coloured gown draped folk enter and leave the room and take their place on a stage with a throne like set up at the centre for "the chancellor", needless ot say my arse was firmly gripped to my seat.... speeches about making the world a better place, ethnic divisions, government problems, as all the crowd nod along in agreement, and ironically had all face deep in their smart phones moments earlier... I look around at all of them and wonder exactly how many of you are actually doing anything to stand true to your opinions ????? probably none as they all pay their taxes and do as they're told and live within statutory parameters...... pathetic to say the least.
Great post and so true, it's all a big circus and some are just happy to wear the clown costumes of supposed superior knowledge, yet all the time becoming good little debtor slaves who pay the rest of their lives for an education that promised them a great career ,,, that doesn't exist 🚽
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 17:15:06
I took an Open University Degree to top a HND from years back. I finally passed in 2014 and took the ceremony in Manchester October 2014. Very much pomp and ceremony. I am still proud but only for my wife, son and mum and dad.

What the OU did for me was wake me up because I started to write about world events doing creative writing and it was then I started to wake up. So I suppose I have the OU to thank.

Is it worth the paper its written on, a Batchelor of Science (honours) Open Third Class - I doubt it. But like I said it did start to wake me up.

Is it peer pressure? Probably.

I have a son who has just finished Uni and I will never forget seeing the very first Student loan letter about 4 years ago. On the bottom of the front page it had the Rothschild Bank. WTF.

I still think my son doesn't get it. Shame.
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 18:11:21
[deleted user]
I mean, I am proud of my graduate, it is what they wanted to do and are moving into a profession they are truly passionate about, and there isnt much outstanding fees, nothing that wont be cleared up in about 6 months, so no issues in that regard....... perhaps i am allowing myself to become frustrated as i feel I have become so well educated all on my own, to the point where the people around me actually see me as one of the most intelligent people they know, forever curious about the things i know about and even helping people put pieces together so they can see for themselves, but where is my recognition ?... and here is where my lesson is taught, because i know i should not feel that way, i should trust in the peace, balance and understanding of the within as absolute
Tuesday 19 July 2016, 21:41:21
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