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If you have your own house, are able to grow [...]

Grand Island, Nebraska
via Ubuntu Planet
If you have your own house, are able to grow your own food, generate your own electricity (for most of you, that means solar power), and dig a deep well for clean, potable water, then you--by yourself--can form the seed for an UBUNTU/Contributionism community. This approach will, also, enable you to survive the coming economic collapse, just in case you have not become a member of an UBUNTU/Contributionism community by then. This is why I urge you to master the skills of mini-farming, installing solar power, and establishing a clean source of water to meet your needs. Then, you can form the nucleus for the formation of an UBUNTU/Contributionism community to grow up around you (expanding the amount of food grown, the amount of electricity generated, of water available, and of housing to meet the needs of the growing community--in addition to initiating other community projects).
Gabriel E
Gabriel E I have the hands to help and the know how in many area areas. I learn quickly. I have a family. I am a Vet. We are poor. We want out of this prison. Invite us to your ubuntu community. :)
Monday 5 September 2016, 20:18:54
Michael M
I allow the Universal Law of Attraction to bring me together with the right people at the right timing. If you are meant to build a New Earth (aka, UBUNTU/Contributionism) community with me, then we will be brought together in perfect timing, with no conscious effort by either of us.
Wednesday 7 September 2016, 15:34:38
Gabriel E
Anything that requires your attention has strayed from its path of true ordained destiny.
Thursday 8 September 2016, 15:23:42
Gabriel E
That's from Prince by the way! :)
Thursday 8 September 2016, 15:24:07
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