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I am truly sorry if I insult anyone. but [...]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
via Ubuntu Planet
I am truly sorry if I insult anyone. but all the time I spent on the outside just looking reading what people had to say. and what I saw is not the UBUNTU. THAT I understood UBUNTU. WAS ABOUT MORE PEOPLE ARE ASKING FOR MONEY that I ever expected. from my understanding of Michel,s vision . unity is only separated my money. in are KURUPT WORLD TODAY money in needed . maybe I miss understood the UBUNTu VISION. BUT SOME PEOPLE are using it just like a government.
Hi Anthony. Could you clarify your question or observation? Yes, we are still in an economy that requires money and until such time as this economy is no longer in place, money will still be needed to operate. Perhaps what needs to be clarified is a timeline for this? The elections are on August 3, so if there are to be changes you may want to check back after that time.
Wednesday 20 July 2016, 23:13:42
Hi Anthony, Yes I think that there is some misunderstanding.. Michael does an 8 part series on Gaia TV explaining Ubuntu in detail. One part he explains how money is needed today to transition to a moneyless society. For instance an ad in the newspaper cost money. We have to use what is, to create the alternative world we desire.

If not already a member of Gaia TV, you can join for 0.99 cents the first month, watch and listen to the 8 series on Ubuntu - it is well worth the 0.99 cents.
Plus you will gain more understanding why we need or how we are infusing the seed of consciousness into the political platform at this time. I hope this helps you.
Thursday 21 July 2016, 03:53:38
Donna A
They are both right Anthony - Just an FYI from where I sit, you have to begin somewhere. You can't just pull the rug out from under all in a society that has operated with money for as long as it has. Be patient and watch it bloom - little by little we will need money less and less. I hope you will keep walking the path with us as we transition to a place of contributionism instead of capitalism. It is definitely a path worth following. all the best to you, Donna
Thursday 21 July 2016, 20:44:02
dude! would you rather have Trump that supports Gambling and prostitution and is the same German family as Clinton and Bush?
Saturday 23 July 2016, 02:28:28
see now why do you have to put TRUMP in it what makes you thing I like trump , did you see me post anything about TRUMP or CLINTON who as I can tell by your post you are supporting HILLARY AND THAT IN NOT WHAT I UNDERSTOOD UNBUTUPLANET was about its about the people not the big money,leaders and my name is ANTHONY NOT DUDE THANK FOR THE ATTACKS I GUESS I WAS RIGHT good
Sunday 24 July 2016, 01:54:58
Anthony, i apologies. i do know that clinton and trump are hitler's children. i do not support either. i believe that we are all super intelligent. with out money or the monetary system we will thrive. try not to attack me for asking a question. hold love in your heart no matter what happens.
Sunday 24 July 2016, 11:57:56
I will and please forgive me, its just I saw people asking for money that had nothing to do with UBUNTUPLANET, have a great day. we have to stand together, let's not let the hate consume us also , please accept my apology and I thank you .
Sunday 24 July 2016, 16:08:47
yes my brother! as a mater of fact my fraternal twin brother is named Anthony.
Sunday 24 July 2016, 17:37:26
Jack Daniel
We will use their MONEY until the day we can REFUSE their money...
Monday 1 August 2016, 22:16:40
I like that saying Jack Daniel!
Monday 1 August 2016, 22:35:12
Donna A
Good saying Jack - Rome wasn't built in a day - Ubuntu will take a little time too and we will use whatever resources we must - at least temporarily - to make it happen.!
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 22:53:53
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