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by its fruits is it all about control? just a random thought [...]

Loganlea, Queensland
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by its fruits

is it all about control?
just a random thought rant....the banking system has more and more become a concern for me, not so much for its falsehood (that's obvious now) but for the children i see who are 'under-privileged' poor kids born in poor families whom may never get the freedoms to have fun as their 'privileged' counterparts receive at no act of their own. think about a kid who cant go on a ride at a public event because the parent really cant afford the 5$ it costs, is this kid going to grow up thinking positive thoughts about the world, especially after not being able to gain the fun the world provides not to mention the fun created by man i.e amusement parks or ipad games. can it stop being about profit and start being about living - allowing kids to laugh. and these bankers are 'earning' top dollar for least effort (shuffling papers, moving numbers around to conceal the lie) top dollar should be given to most effort - the guy with the biggest house has or is doing the most for the community he lives in. and these bankers have the power of Debt Forgiveness, you know, having a heart and saying:
"we've seen for awhile that people are starving, homeless and stressed out so all those billions you owe us - don't worry, forget about it, I'll just keep what stuff i have now (massive houses, 1000s of useless items) and give back the millions and millions I've stored in my vault so you can use it to ease exchange."
how we allow ourselves to be govern depicts our values and what we consider valuable, think about how much you earn a week and minus all your costs TO LIVE (rent, bills) and what you have left over is what your government thinks is enough for your happiness, entertainment, relaxation or hobbies.
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