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Another FREE ENERGY post; The first "solar panel" was not [...]

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Another FREE ENERGY post;
The first "solar panel" was not photo voltaic or it was not to make hot water!
The first solar panel was a circulating system filled with water. Panels on the roof would heat up water inside 3" black pipe that was inside a sun panel. Each panel would be in line. large amount of pressure would build from the water expanding.A main line went to the basement then reduced down to 1/4" then inline dc or ac alternators that were on top of a enclosed PVC flywheel would run/spin. up to 5 in line could be run, depending on the electric needed and the volume of panels. the system had a cooling tank or cistern so the water would cool. A natural vacuum would drawl up the water were it was reheated. the hottest part of the day would give enough electric so when you would be home the house was full of power. the system was able to run through the night from the heat of the day creating vacuum. This was the system that was on the White House before Reagon and the CIA took over! as well as the electric car industry like the EV-one! Every home out west was built with the solar panels to match the kilowatt needed of the house. i got to live in a home along Valley Forge that had a system and was built as a passive solar home, that is how i learned this "knowledge".
Now go build them and have your own Free Energy!
I had a version of the system you are mentioning! There was a black tube solar panel on the roof over my 100 gallon water storage tank. I never understood how it worked when I lived there but I had been told that it was self-regulating and we always had hot water! It was awesome!
Saturday 23 July 2016, 03:26:27
sky-not a hot water system, a electric generating closed loop system. that were taken down when the electric company's made them illegal.
Saturday 23 July 2016, 12:10:43
got it. thank you.
Saturday 23 July 2016, 15:11:13
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