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Interesting film regarding the media monopoly by corporations in America [...]

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Interesting film regarding the media monopoly by corporations in America it's about an hour and a half ,…
Happening then, happening now. Whats changed - Nothing! Wrong! Whats changed is this network is being exposed and people are starting to wise up to this corporate control. What's also wrong is it's happening slowly but it is increasing. Our governments know this. They are planning on a tilt happening. That could be as the graph starts to head skywards faster than anticipated. What will they do. Take us to war as a distraction?

1. To hide the fact that they know a depression is coming anyways and the disorder that comes with this is all by done design.

2. To gain control of us all. We've all seen those futuristic /symbolism films.

3. To take us into a new world - their world.

My gut feeling is they have planned this. If this all plays out as they want it to, and I think they might succeed - What do you think could be in their way? We are and I for one am not going sit back and let these twats get away with it by doing nothing. I've imagined my headstone and it says nothing. That I don't like.

Good post, enjoyed watching.
Saturday 23 July 2016, 23:27:50
interesting film ,
Sunday 24 July 2016, 01:35:40
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