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Galway, County Galway
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Hi Shane, I've watched. I must admit I am not up to scratch on this. Could you expand with your opinion on this.
Monday 25 July 2016, 21:58:19
[deleted user]
Hi thanks appreciate that you watched it, This man is Billy McGuire, His family has been turning the sovereign seal in Ireland for the last 100 years, we in Ireland are born sovereign, in England they are royal, Since 1922 the Oireachtas [ Not Dáil Éireann Oireachtas ] is a construct imposed under the
Crown by King George V in December , It is a de facto Provisional Government construct given a Legal title under the Crown . This is why the Irish People are being Evicted from there homes in the 21st Century by Sheriffs and the Bar [ British Accredited Registry ] court system . It is only a Legal system Not a Lawful system . Michael D Higgins is the current President of the Royal Oireachtas, All Political Parties both old and new are both are subject and servant to this Oireachtas , designed to render the Sovereign Irish People redundant by imposing unlawful Taxes and Penal-ties through there Legal system in order to boost [ Exchequer ] Figures for the Chancellor of the exchequer in London .The Irish Republican Brotherhood founded the State , the Sovereign Republic of éire, adopted the Sovereign Seal Harp as our National Emblem and set up Dáil Éireann Courts exactly and Verbatim in accordance with the 1916 Proclamation , both of which were Ratified by the Wish and Will of the People at Noon 21st January 1919 at the Mansion House Dublin … Our Independence Day .The I.R.B. today , continue to hold in Trust for and on behalf of the People , all the Assets of the State , our Oil and Gas , Minerals , Water , Fishing ect .
All these Assets belong to the People of Ireland and to the People Alone. This Provisional government are not recognizing the I.R.B because the provisional government are not recognizing our sovereignty. All we need in this country in a sovereign government but instead we have 5 different ones. only in this country would this happen. we have asked them to vacate the [ royal ] Oireachtas De Facto Provisional Government , its British Bar Courts Sheriffs and Bailiffs and Restore a Sovereign Legitimate De Jure Republic.Just google the customs house Dublin coat of arms and you will see how our sovereignty is being used, they burned the building in 1921 but it was sadly restored.
Monday 25 July 2016, 22:13:05
This what I thought. The system has had thousands of years to perfect. I am the same where I want this system exposed and changed. Only then can we regain what is ours. Governments are controlled by corporations and this network shows no empathy in their never ending control of us. I have been exposing the bar, the monetary system and governments across other continent since the beginning of this year. I'm an amateur at this but I'm persistent. What needs to happen is more and more people to follow our cause. I see this happening but it will take time.
Monday 25 July 2016, 22:29:12
[deleted user]
Know you said it, governments are controlled by corporations, Fascism or (Corportism) perfect merge of the two, here is a fact for you Sir Roger Casement was hung for treason for bringing really bad quality German Rifles to our shore to help with the rising, the very same thing was done by Lord Rothschild gave 100,000 ponds, Rudyard Kipling 100,00 pounds , and the Guinness family gave 50,000 along with others. Armed what was the Ulster Defence force then transformed into the UVF and used against the rebels after the funding from those people, and Sir Roger Casement was hung for the same thing. this year is the 100 year centenary year of that 1916 rising. Eamonn De Valera was Englands greatest spy, there is a book out there by that name, i would like to get it, he was a Jesuit and not a very nice man at all, we have him to thank for the destruction of our native language, our Nazi education was brought via him, and he was one of the people that signed Israel into be, they needed a neutral country at the time to sign them in so that is why Ireland was kept neutral they reckon. so much conspiracy and lies has been used against the people here and everywhere. I am persistent also as it might be our job in the struggle, we need to expose things. i see a slight change alltough it does take some time.
Monday 25 July 2016, 23:11:20
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