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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Tuesday 26 July 2016, 15:50:04
Thanks Robert - this is the best example I have ever seen. I'm ready to sign up and get one of these. Mine would also need the solar power and rain water catchment of course...
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 17:26:07
Robert B
My immediate thought was "Finally! A solution for those of us whose thumb's aren't so green!" lol
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 19:14:01
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 20:40:14
This system costs $3000. But, it is a pre-order. When would it be delivered? I understand they want money down but, it should say by when...
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 21:03:05
$3,000 is not bad. I see that it is all open source. The frame looks to be 2x8 or 2x10 reinforced with 4x4 stakes at each end and in the center. I heard the dimensions were 1m x 3m or 3' x 9'. Easy enough to build the bed to size and add the rest as time and budget allow.
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 22:44:47
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 22:58:17
To me, this seems more complicated than it needs to be. Should we strive to rely more on machines or on ourselves? The great thing about being in a community is that one person doesn't have to know everything or have a green thumb. We can all do what we're good at but also share the knowledge to those that want to learn. I've been making an effort to grow more food on my back patio lately because I want my kids to see how easy it is. I can pop out a few heirloom seeds from Baker Creek, and in a few days have little shoots coming up. I'm not trying to be contrary or argue; these are just my thoughts. =) Though if you show me a machine that laser cuts, makes 3d prints, etc., I'll be drooling. Ha.
Thursday 28 July 2016, 00:02:00
Robert B
In my view, the idea isn't to get away from technology but rather to use it responsibly, wisely and for the benefit of humanity. I've heard Michael say across many interviews that embracing Ubuntu isn't about going back to the dark ages. Given the times we live in and the amazing advancements through technology that are available, there's no putting the genie back in the bottle. I'd say in the realm of food production, there's room for both approaches and at the end of the day, whether you're a hardcore gardener or more at home with programming machines to do it, huge abundances of food will exist which is awesome!
Thursday 28 July 2016, 11:56:41
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Thursday 28 July 2016, 17:10:40
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