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I believe that we have a lot of tasks to [...]

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I believe that we have a lot of tasks to push forward this movement. Do we have a task list / priority list on this website?
I've just joined, and looking to get involved some how. Just started reading the Ubuntu book, and getting to grips with the website.
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 13:06:06
ghik, as far as I know, there is no task list on this web site. I think the structure of this site is focused more on making connections. I had suggested a wiki. Other options would be a project based subdomain which could make use of an open sourced project manager like Feng Office. Another option is to make use of a WordPress plugin for which various levels of task list and project management plugins exist.
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 15:15:37
a wiki would be great to collect ideas, to coordinate activities and to extend discussion/debate to everybody around world. How can we make this happen?
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 00:17:33
ask Mat. He built this platform. There is a lot of work gone into it, it does what it is designed to do and this is working very well, but it doesn't make sense to re-invent the wheel when other code sets have already been developed for other specific purposes. WordPress is one, which this site uses. A wiki from wikimedia is another, Feng Office is a third, and there is Trello, easy to use, but you don't obtain the source code as with WordPress or wikimedia.
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 00:29:33
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