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Hi a lot of you young people wont recall seeing [...]

Glossop, Derbyshire
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Hi a lot of you young people wont recall seeing but all of us old ones will remember when we went out in a car or on a mortor bike
the car window screen would be full of dead fly also on the car bonnet and on the headlights also on the face visor of the cash helmet
I have just done a journey in my car to Scotland and back in the past 4 weeks also been driving round clock up 1495 miles NO!!!!! dead fly on my car window screen nether on the bonnet a one fly also now for the last two years have not had to put the fly killer light in our café-shop-kitchen their hardly any black fly's around they have all but disappeared.
I work on the waters wedge and have not seen anything like the fly life there use to be, some one mention this to me to day and said they have not seen any fly's in his green house, also not seen any mole hills year and hardly any rabbits something is killing of our echo-system the insect live is dying out this will then affect the small animals that feed on the insects the fish on my fishery are not rising any more because their are no fly's on the surface of the water for them to eat. And we all know what is causing it. Chem trails
I have started to point that out now to a few people about the fly live not being around and it hit them like a brick because its not dawn on them about the lack of fly's there is hardly a spiders web around any to be seen, its totally unreal well there is one thing I can say is if we are supposed to be winning then very shortly there should be no CHEM TRAILS IN THE SKY AND ONCE WE SEE THAT THERES NO CHEM TRAILS ANY MORE THEN ITS ONLY THEN WE WILL KNOW FOR SHORE ITS OVER.
Thank you for pointing it out! And you are so right. That is also happening here in Florida. Our family likes taking rod trips and you are right there are no bugs in the car anymore. The chem trails have decreased here considerably. Lets all create their disappearance. Much Love!
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 23:44:56
thanks for the story.. damn, i'm sorry to hear that.. i can see what you mean.. over here i've noticed a decent decrease in bees.. it's kinda sad to see parts of the web of life falling victim to not only human activity, but also the vast collateral damage invovled as well..
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 00:38:34
In California there are plenty of bugs.
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 20:35:34
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