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I have joined the PFC New Society Communities discussion. There [...]

Chatham-Kent, Ontario
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I have joined the PFC New Society Communities discussion. There are only a few people in it and so far, no discussion. I appeal to anyone interested in considering how a new sustainable community could look, please join. We don't have to reinvent the wheel, there are several models being developed for sustainable communities that could be templates for discussion. We are advised from many directions to spend time considering how you want the world of the future to look. It's time to start building. Please join me.
Hi Kate, I am interested in learning more about a sustainable community. I do not know much about it but I would like to learn.
I live in the central valley of California. It basically is an irrigated desert. This area grows food for a lot of the world. However, without water (irrigation) this land will grow desert like vegetation.
Wednesday 27 July 2016, 20:33:13
Conscious Kate
Hi Leticia. Thanks so much for joining in. It's obvious that your intuition tells you that there has to be a better way. I'm no expert on sustainable communities but I feel very strongly that we have to make the choice to do things differently instead of frantically continuing in old patterns, hoping that when we hit the wall some government intervention will save us. The drought in California has definitely made the world aware of how dependent our food supply is on irrigation. I like this definition of sustainable communities: "communities that use their resources to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations; they seek a better quality of life for their residents while maintaining nature's ability to function over time".

One method that has been used on a small scale to invigorate desert areas is Permaculture. It's based on the understanding that nature doesn't grown things in nice straight rows. Nature grows things in systems where smaller plants are sheltered by larger ones, the waste from plants break down to provide food for other plants, water drains slowly from the surface, so the plants have time to soak it up. Basically every part of the system supports other parts, and nothing is considered waste.

There's lots to learn and discuss on this subject. Maybe others will join in and we can start to envision something better. We've got to start somewhere. Even looking at what others are developing opens our minds to greater possibilities.
Friday 29 July 2016, 03:05:50
Kate, thank you for the information you provided me. It was very interesting. It sparked interest which I will follow up with research in order to learn more on the subject. My farther was a farm worker and grew a vegetable garden and fruit trees at home. My mother loved her flowers and cared for them protectively. I grew up appreciating nature and knowing where our food came from. I worked picking grapes every summer as a child. In the winter I pruned the grape vines. Now I care for my flowers and plants. I observed how plants know how to survive. Plants are aggressive survivors and fight for pace and water at the expense of other plants. On the other hand plants know how to cooperate and benefit each other. I am thinking of growing a vegetable garden as eating healthy is expensive. You are right starting to envision something better.
Friday 29 July 2016, 20:13:46
Conscious Kate
Leticia, I am sorry to be so slow to respond. I like to make sure I have time for thoughtful responses.

I can see why your family history has attracted you to this subject. Your family has a tradition of growing plants and food that has made doing so valuable to the whole family. My family hasn't worked in agriculture for a few generations. My grandfather raised turkeys, and his grandfather came to Canada in 1818 to farm for the growing country. Even without recent work in farming, many of my family members are drawn to growing things, especially food. Many of us love to cook. Our backgrounds are more similar than we would have imagined.

I was disappointed when I joined this group to find that there was nothing going on. My hope is that as you and I learn more and discuss it together, it will attract others. We don't have to be able to provide the solution to know that something different needs to happen. Even becoming aware of other options make them more possible.

It seems that the connection to food, through growing and sharing it, is something that much of humanity is recognizing as important. I also encounter many articles that promote the idea that the small garden in everyone's back yard is the best way to feed ourselves. Many countries still rely on this to survive. Large scale farming may seem to be more efficient, but it also creates more waste, and adds transportation cost. I remember reading that Haiti struggled to feed itself when it stopped growing its own rice. When you have to rely on others for food, you have to be able to pay whatever the price is. If the price doubles or triples, you may go hungry.

I have also found an article that considers some ways for building a different economy than we have at present. It talks about developing a system alongside capitalism, that could eventually replace it, without having to crash the old system. Lots of parts make sense to me. I would love to hear what you think about it.…

I'm looking forward to further discussion.
Monday 1 August 2016, 21:13:18
Don’t worry about your response time. I do not measure it. I too am busy and want to give responses my undivided attention. Thanks for mentioning it.

It makes sense that growing food, preserving food (canning, sun drying), and cooking food will become not only a way to sustain yourself and yours but it can be used for bartering to obtain other services. My mother would make jam from the fruit my farther picked. My father would sell lemons from our garden to local restaurants. This helped the family money wise. We were very poor but we never went hungry. We ate the same thing every day, but we had full bellies.

I read the article to your shared link. I find it to be a good template for a plan for a self sustaining community. After The Event people will need a good plan, that is for sure. Maybe you and I can hatch out a viable plan until others join in and add their ideas. Of course we can not do it alone for the long haul but we can begin in a self teaching kinda way. What do you think?

As far as neighborhood health clinics are concerned maybe not having immediate access to pharmaceutical medicine may be a blessing in disguise. It will force people to focus on other means of obtaining and maintaining health, such as homeopathic healing, natural cures, healthy diets, positive attitudes, and at some point this world will not have any use for insurance companies, and people will rely more on grass root healers, such shamans, curanderos, and not rely so much on the traditional doctors who do not heal but treat symptoms with meds instead of natural cures.

I would like to discuss with you the growing a garden of herbs, flowers and seeds bearing plant, for aroma therapy, oils, teas, flavoring food, natural cures, and medicine. This is a small contribution but a needed contribution. A garden like this can be done at a much smaller scale than say vegetables, fruits or tree orchards. I do not know much about this topic but I would like to learn. I remember my mother sending me out to the back yard to pick certain “weeds” in the yard and bring them back to her. She would prepare those herbs and use them for treating certain aliments. I do not remember which herbs she used for what aliments but it is a fond memory for me. To me discussing this type of garden option appears to be manageable for the two of us. What are your ideas on what we can focus on while we wait for others to join this discussion. I am open to other options and explorations.

I am looking forward to the new paradigm. There will be so many positive changes. Hopefully more people will join in on the conversation here, after all food and water trumps all human needs for survival. These are the most basics of survival. Shelter is also important. But shelter is more simple and permanent than food and water.

I look forward to future discussions and take your time responding.
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 03:59:49
Conscious Kate
I am looking forward to the new paradigm as well. I have come to believe that the Earth needs a dramatic course correction to survive. There are some positive things going on but not in large enough numbers to overcome the rate of current decay. Do you have anyone in your area that you discuss this with? I feel conflicted about my desire to get others prepared and my fear of being ridiculed. I have been copying information about the Event and related issues onto Word documents so that I am prepared with details and information, if the Internet goes down.

I am glad that you found the article a good template for a self sustaining community. I expect to be part of one. Have you read the Galactic Codex? That seems like a wonderful set of guidelines to me.

It seems inevitable that we will look to more natural cures and avoid traditional doctors and medicines. I am definitely suspicious of drug advertisements. It seems the objective is to get you taking a wide variety of drugs, no matter what. Doesn't it seem a little strange to coax you to regularly use a drug for acid reflux, so you can eat the big greasy burger? The body is trying to tell you something, and TV ads want you ignore the body's message and take the pill.

I have always had an interest in natural cures and share your interest in herbs, flowers, and plants. I would love to have understood your mother's wisdom about using weeds. Perhaps if we started by exploring the uses of herbs that we already grow or could grow. I have just dried some sage, and have mint, lemon thyme and oregano to harvest. Often, I have more of an herb than I can make good use of. Part of my intention was to store anything green in case I had to help feed groups after the Event. I have sage leaves that I preserved two years ago, by packing tightly in a jar, then filling with vinegar. This type of combination is a tincture and can be made with alcohol too. Maybe it's time to collect some information in a book. I have found some pretty interesting sites with lots of details about sage. I also use dried mint alone or combined with lemon thyme as a tea. Do you grow anything at present? How should we share the information we collect?

Another interesting topic on the same vein, is fermented foods. I have done a small amount of a kale kraut , fermented green beans, and apple cider vinegar. It's a form of preservation that provides probiotics to the body. It is claimed that good health begins in the gut. I think this would fit into healthy diets and natural cures.

It seems that there's lots to explore. Until next time.
Friday 5 August 2016, 01:51:16
I'm with you, we must be ready in all areas to survive. I believe everyone should have the knowledge to use essential oils. Young living and doTerra are two brands that can be ingested. They can cure bacterial n viral infections. This will be very important in our surivival. You will also notice when the oils are used that your vibration and growth spiritually is much higher and smoother.
Saturday 6 August 2016, 00:35:38

Conscious Kate

What kind of information about the Event have you been copying? That is a good idea, I think I will do the same thing. I will also copy stuff about growing food, collecting rain water and such.

I do not grow anything at the present. I am strapped for money. But I can begin to research and collect information on how to grow, preserve and store food.

As far as sharing the information we collect is to post it to this site/blog. How that would be done, I do not know at this point. We can check around and find out it it is allowable. I am sure someone somewhere is doing this very thing, so why reinvent the wheel. I will research if such a thing is already being done. Do you have any ideas on how we can share the information? What type of information are you collecting?

I have not heard of the Galactic Codex. But I looked it up after you mentioned it. I do You Tube as it is easier for me to be told the information than to read it. You are right the Galactic Codex (GC) is a wonderful set of guidelines to me. Do you know where I can find the GC in written form so I can copy it? I need to listen to it again as it is a wonderful piece of work. It seems flaw less in it’s creation. This something I would love to establish and follow.

Did you know the USA is the only country that advertises pharmaceutical medications? So sad.

What do you mean by fermented foods? Is that like pickled foods?

You can email me if you'd like. This site is not user friendly as far as connecting with people. I don't mind continuing to connect on this site, however. My email is: [email protected] I will look for your response on this site, in case email is not your thing or whatever other reason. Maybe staying on this site will motivate others to join us. I am fine either way.
Sunday 7 August 2016, 03:33:58
Conscious Kate
Hi Leticia,

Since March 2015, anytime I read anything that I think may be useful to explain the Earth's history or the workings of the Cabal to someone else, I make a copy of it and reference the site it came from. Recently I read an article that expressed the plan to keep the internet up after the Event, but I have always prepared to provide information to others who may not know anything, assuming the internet would be down. I consider the bookmarks that I would normally rely on could be unavailable. If I have the information on a word document I won't need the internet for printing useful things, as long as I have paper and ink.

The information changes a lot, so I don't bother trying to remember it all or compare the details from one source to another. When the time comes, it will either be useful or obsolete and it will be easy to decide which.
Fermented foods can be pickles. Beer is another example. The idea is to create a situation where healthy natural bacteria develops in the food. When good bacteria thrives it doesn't allow for harmful bacteria to develop. The good bacteria supports overall good health in your gut. You may have heard of Kombucha which is a fermented tea beverage. Most products that are commercially fermented are pasteurised to kill the bacteria after a certain point. Without this, beer might explode the caps off the bottle, or pickles would continue to change over time. You'll notice that pickles stay pretty much the same after a year in the fridge. But some of the health benefits are lost.

I hear you about pharmaceutical ads. The one that stands out for me lately is for Gardasil. Alternative news has shared several articles about it being a scam, yet we're watching young kids in ads trying to entice parents to protect them from HPV and cancer. Such deceitful tactics. It feels like they need to hurry to vaccinate as many kids as possible before they can't sell it anymore. Then they'll try to vaccinate all the 11 and 12 year olds in India when no one in North America will allow it.

I am thankful that you are interested in doing whatever you can. Information is always a resource even when money is not available. May money flow for you soon, my sister. In the Galactic Codex it states:

Section I/1: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to physical and spiritual abundance

I believe that absolutely.

Here's a link to a useful weed. Maybe your mother used it?…

Sunday 7 August 2016, 22:43:41
Conscious Kate
Hi Khalm, there is a growing interest in essential oils that is perhaps intuitive for us. Are there some essential oils that you use or recommend?
Sunday 7 August 2016, 23:16:57
Greetings Khalm, welcome to this page. I visited the sites for Young living and doTerra. Which brand do you like the best?
Tuesday 9 August 2016, 13:43:23
Conscious Kate
Hi Leticia, have you seen this article from 2015. I find it encouraging.…
Friday 19 August 2016, 14:41:22
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