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Money. My 2 cents worth. In Michael T. [...]

Fayetteville, North Carolina
via Ubuntu - United States
Money. My 2 cents worth. In Michael T. Gaia TV series he explains in great detail that money is needed to transition from where we are now to where we are going with Ubuntu. Please watch the series if you have not already done so.

I have been reading some comments about the Ubuntu Mobile. I personally carry and use a cell phone everyday. If I can change my service at no higher cost to me and it benefit Ubuntu-Contributionism Communities coming into fruition faster-then that's another way I can contribute to Humanity as a whole, then that's what I choose to do. It does not mean I have sold my soul to the negative side. It means I am taking the systems, the constructs they have set in place and lovingly guiding the energy to benefit humanity that I love and care about.
This one cell phone MLM collaboration could be one of the things that helps us change the entire world or It may not be - but if we don't try we will never know.

Some people are at a different level than I. They communicate by telepathy and some may live totally off the grid. I respect that but until we are all there please read Michael T. words from a different perspective.

UBUNTU Mobile Launch to Benefit Our Members
Finally We Get Something Back For Using Our Cell Phones

I am very excited to share this latest unexpected development in the UBUNTU family. Everyone uses cell phones and we all make the cellular providers extremely rich and powerful. Our airwaves have been stolen by these companies that claim them for themselves. We, the users never benefit from these activities. THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.

UBUNTU MOBILE was set up to benefit all our members and the head office with an ongoing income stream from simply using your cell phones and keeping it in the UBUNTU family.

1.Unlimited national and international calls
2.Unlimited SMS national and international
3.Unlimited internet access
4.5 GHZ spectrum which is at least 4 times faster than any other existing provider
5.Low fixed monthly fee for more benefits than we currently get from any other provider.

While we are trapped in the money matrix of being exploited by the large corporations, we need to find ways to generate as much funding as we can so that we can dissolve the matrix and create the systems in which we no longer need money. Join us today and benefit from our collective efforts with UBUNTU MOBILE and the UBUNTU family around the world.

In Unity and Resonance
Michael Tellinger

I am a member and if you would like to investigate and partner to help Ubuntu Planet here is my link.
and the beautiful thing is you can join, hold your space for 30 days while you decide if this is right for you. If this does not resonate with you, then don't join, but please don't judge our efforts to create an alternative reality we desire.

In resonance & unity,
Sylvia Byrd
Healthcare Ambassador
I am a bit surprised that you, as the Ubuntu Health Ambassador have not brought up or have questions about the health issues with the new 5ghz system. My research into this has been frustrating as there is not much to find about this new system. It has been proven that cell phones, in general, emit damaging radio waves and precautions are needed to prevent a variety of conditions. I, too, have & use a cell phone every day but have learned that they are a device that needs to come with a warning label. Before I jump to another level of potential harmful EMF and RF emissions, I will be doing more research and I suggest others do the same.
Thursday 28 July 2016, 14:43:20
Thank you for your input.
Thursday 28 July 2016, 15:14:29
Sean S
Does the phone become a wifi hot spot??
Friday 29 July 2016, 01:39:44
Friday 29 July 2016, 02:24:12
There are a lot of unanswered question about the phones and it seems people are having a hard time getting them. I am looking for answers but I can't find any contact names or numbers. if you have any contacts for the Mobile phones can someone please post the contacts?
Friday 29 July 2016, 15:05:04
Maybe some one on the upline?
Friday 29 July 2016, 15:06:09
i am appalled by the lack of education about the damage that cell phones do to the cellular structure in our body. behind the ear is a part of the brain that controls ones intention and understanding. try to remember how we were taught in the 1980's that cellular phones cause brain cell mutation and brain cancer. knowledge with love and unity.
Saturday 30 July 2016, 13:25:23
Thank you Good for sharing.
Saturday 30 July 2016, 17:32:35
[deleted user]
Smart Meters are beyond that. Now all activities and conversations are known. We've gone back to a darker time in our history when there was no privacy and people were profiled. I had to get a specific orgonite for smart meters. This thing that they are doing to us will be short lived. Im confident of that. Here's the link;…
Monday 1 August 2016, 18:01:27
I think we are learning that "it is all frequency" and energy. We are learning how to release non-beneficial frequencies in our body and environment and also how to add back - or recalibrate the frequencies to the right "wavelength" According to Lloyd Mear (who has developed a book of so far, over 7000 human frequencies) here is the one for EMF body elimination. Say it seven times to reclaibrate your frequency, or write it on paper and put it against your skin) He has a facebook page with some of the numbers. You can also put this number on your computer screen ... etc 83684879578
Saturday 6 August 2016, 20:59:55
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