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Dear friends, I think facebook is outdated too. There is now [...]

Kapellen, Vlaanderen
via Ubuntu Planet
Dear friends,
I think facebook is outdated too.
There is now a sort a like platform that also has a mobile app in the play/appstore and works quite the same as fb. The biggest benefit this new platform has is that it pays the users a percentage for what they post and what gets shared and liked.
FB keeps al profit and just steals your time... shares their profits with its users.
For all i know.. there are more like minded ppl on tsu as on fb. Also, fb is scared stupid now tsu is gathering more and more members on a daily base. Maybe ubuntu needs an official page on tsu.. and the earnings from that page can contribute to the collectiveness ubuntu stands for
Don't miss out. Join Tsu and share ..

Albert Einstein; You cannot solve any situation from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew. not dot com!!
Good idea. I've read the ads about tsu but I did not bothered since I thought it was kinda like FB. Wil need to read some more
Thursday 28 July 2016, 10:31:00
Zonder Naam
Just join up.. It's free and works similar to fb.. posts likes shares.. video uploads gif images chat all the same. except for games.. for example.. there 's no candy crush links to tsu yet... so if one playes these sort of games.. fb is needed i guess.
Once you created an account.. you can use your personal link from your tsu familly page.. and invite more members to join by adding the link to your fb page.. all who join up by following your link become familly.. as if they are your children. Each time you post something.. and children like and or share it.. your earnings go quickly. I make only penies.. i quit fb first and then joined tsu.. so i did not get the chance to invite on fb. But it's cool.. i'm not using it for earning money.. i share all i earn to charities on tsu..
If ubuntu has a page on tsu.. i'll donate all my earnings to ubuntu.
It's fun. And it's for the people.. no crazy NSA policy terms as in fb.
Spread the word.. fb can use a great concurent.. Maybe mister duckerberg changes his policy once he sees ppl are massivly joining tsu.
Enjoy and welcom to tsu if you do decide to join :)

Thursday 28 July 2016, 10:48:42
Thanks for sharing that information - I will check it out and spared the word.
Saturday 30 July 2016, 02:01:07
Kevin Serwick
Is it dead?
Thursday 4 August 2016, 04:47:32
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