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Nantwich, Cheshire East
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It really saddens me. I have been to Palestine and traveled through some of it. Stopped off in Ramallah. Could have been any other normal city. Felt comfortable their but wall that keeps Palestinians away from so called Jewish communities is huge and very long. I was told to up to 500 miles long and heavily guarded. A strange and unusual feeling I will never forget. Israel is just grabbing land bit by bit. They have been doing it for decades. But to see it first hand it really sinks in the problems the Palestinians face and the area as a whole.
Friday 29 July 2016, 16:12:35
True PP, I've never been but I've heard the Palestinian and Syrian people are lovely , it's so sad but to see the statistics on their death is heartbreaking due to the greed of others
Friday 29 July 2016, 16:26:27
I must say that its known as the West Bank by others in the area. What I found out is that they want the occupation of the West Bank to end. They have no free movement in their own land. They are after a two state system. Not sure if that would work either. Gazza is another one to consider but I did not have much to do with that and never heard of it being mentioned.
Friday 29 July 2016, 17:16:46
"Drinking" water in Gaza is heavily fluoridated by Israel. I know Israel is not worried about Palestinian children's teeth.
Friday 29 July 2016, 20:19:18
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