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hey! are there any projekts to start by example with the [...]

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are there any projekts to start by example with the ubuntu idea?
for me it s ok to contribute (work) a lot more then 3 hours a week! (like 30 hours or more)
i like hafig projekts!
but i think first we need a place (land) to live in unity!
if you know of any projekts pleas let me know!
hafe fun!
Dear David,
Your idea is great, but we all have to remember that not many people know about Contributionism. Forming an independent town, village or even a much smaller community is a very hard task and it can't survive for too long without growing in strength - people.
My idea added to yours will be, that we should first focus more on spreading the word and uniting in idea of contributionism itself, then after we make these smaller steps it will be much easier to make projects and form communities. Becouse more people means more strenght to make things done.
I hope You will not find my comment offensive or ill inderstood, it was in a good intention!
Saturday 30 July 2016, 04:38:51
hey Nexus!
thanks for your responde!
i thik you are right! more people make it a lot easier!

"in the begining was the word"
if we want these words to enter our reality, we hafe to start at somme point.
i knowe that patience is important. and there is a place and time for every thing!
"what a better place then here? and what a better time then now?"
if we make it happen, we dont hafe to tell others, they will talk about!
when the time is right for more of us, let me knowe!

im looking forword to create beautiful things on thes beautiful planet.

hafe fun on our free planet!

love and unity
Saturday 30 July 2016, 19:27:40
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