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Cannabis vs Mindcontrol THC has the same properties as the corresponding [...]

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Cannabis vs Mindcontrol

THC has the same properties as the corresponding anandamide.
Professor Raphael Mechoulam discovered THC in 1964, isolated in 1992 a hitherto unknown endogenous substance anandamide. A substance which, like ‪#‎THC‬, binds to a receptor in the hippocampus and may result in a slight loss of short-term memory.

According to research from 1956 by Dr. George Miller only about 7 bits of information fit in our short term memory, which we can hold minutes to hours.The Magical Number Seven, (Plus or Minus Two)

Your short term memory is the conscious tip of the iceberg. This small area of human consciousness is very important. Not only for ourselves but also for all those commercial businesses, religious and political institutions who send out their (sublime) messages for us to learn.

They do their best through repetitive advertising and maximum exposure to fill up your short term memory with nonsense. So they pave a path to your long term memory where they place themselves permanently . They want to manipulate us so that we totally surrender and no longer consciously deal with our short term memory. There is a war on for our short-term memory. And the different parties are fighting for space in that part of your mind.

It is very difficult for advertisers, as more and more people under the influence of ‪#‎cannabis‬, can't store expensive paid advertisements in their short term memory. Because when you're stoned or high your short term memory is due to the THC immersed in bliss. Cannabis literally makes you immune of advertising and other indoctrination.
The effect of THC, that your short term memory is not working properly is basically a blessing in disguise. That gives us some enlightenment on the desired moments. Commercials and other mind control have much less,(near to nothing,depending on your personal interests) impact at these moments when you're under the influence of cannabis.

peace out ...
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