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Some humor: *Laying down on the couch and turning on the [...]

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Some humor:
*Laying down on the couch and turning on the TV*...Aw man, I just don't know how I can get through my day without watching some crooks and liars be crooks and liars! Yeah, so on Thursday night I forced myself to watch the DNC prime-time coverage on ABC. I wanted to watch a demonstration of the Cabal during the pinnacle of their decadence (i.e. Hillary Clinton's speech) while some of the Cabal literally have a 1 ton gold bounty on their heads. I was quite appalled with what I saw and vomited in my mouth often. A quick run-down of what I observed:

1. Chelsea Clinton opening - Talked about the love she has for her mother, family....and dinosaurs....*shakes head*

2. Hillary Clinton speech and coverage - This is easy...talking point, lie, lie, lie, fear mongering, lie/camera cutting away to either shills or unawakened in the crowd cheering, smiling or tearing up/...lie, lie, lie, talking point, fear mongering/camera cutting away to Bill Clinton smiling, applauding and saying to himself (imagine a Dana Carvey impersonation of him saying, "Keep going with the fear mongering and selling lies....your doing good....peaches and cream baby, peaches and cream)/...lie, lie, fear mongering, talking point, lie, lie, lie...and so on. Wash, rinse and repeat.

Yeah and how Hillary tried to pair her platform with Bernie Sanders's platform earlier in her speech was absolutely desperate and shameless. One more thing too though because every once in a while during the whole Hillery Clinton speech fiasco the cameras would cut away to to show an unenthusiastic Bernie Sanders up in the nosebleed seats painfully watching the 3-ring Clinton circus.

3. Then after Hillary's speech concluded, when the balloons and confetti were raining down from the rafters, her and others where giving each other reach-arounds while partying onstage like it was f*cking 1999. Madness, shear madness!!!!!! *Shakes head*

Just trying to spin some humor on the shit-parade because sometimes, laughter helps.

*Sitting on the recliner and cracking open a cold beer*....After a long day ....whew, I don't know I can survive the day without getting on the TV and watching crooks and liars be crooks and liars. *Sips a beer*


[deleted user]
it is indeed like sitting in a theatre right? lol
Sunday 31 July 2016, 17:32:32
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 07:17:41
no sh*t Martina...
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 07:24:49
the hammer hit the nail on the head there...
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 07:25:26
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 17:40:55
and you did too...;)....but now I ask you to check out my post on the public forum...important and spread the word
Friday 19 August 2016, 08:52:48
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