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Currumbin Valley, Queensland
via The Full Circle Project
great show as always, thank you very much! i mentioned to lula about putting up a list of reliable independent media, websites and researchers in the resources index of this site.. i've had to take a pretty big step back from a lot of the truth seeking due to what you mentioned in this show.. also caught the repeated question you asked regarding the worth of saving humanity which i can understand a bit due to the countless battles wearing you down over the years while the majority of people choose to snooze about what's really going on as the planet degrades.. i've asked myself for over 20 years questions like how can people take responsibility for their own sovereign lives when they can't even clean up after themselves & recycle properly or things like that.. i know you know this, that in the end, it's all creation and it is worth saving and there is hope that enough people will see the light and turn things around..
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 12:46:57
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