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The new 5G wifi is giving me headaches, some dizziness, that I had to put it somewhere else in the office and block it up with boxes and reams of paper.

I would speculate that this is contributing to the strange behavior which religion is claiming is cause by demon possession. Sure, you could call it that, if you consider the establishment that installed these systems knowing their effects on the population is run by psychopaths with no empathy, it might as well be demon caused.

We are being microwaved to death plus being denied connecting to higher thought and brainwave functions.

I never got the whole thing about wifi. Hated it from the beginning since signal is unstable compared to wired. Cabled always beats wifi when it comes to connectivity and downloading of large files. Good on the countries (including China) for recognizing the threat.
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 01:13:04
thanx for this one west! haven't been around much, but was able to learn a lot from this vid.. cities like san francisco who are trying to have the whole town on wifi is a big concern too
Tuesday 2 August 2016, 09:31:17
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