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For now, I invite us to attune our eMotions, and [...]

Knysna, Western Cape
via Ubuntu - South Africa - Knysna - South Africa
For now, I invite us to attune our eMotions, and Sense what it might 'FEEL' like ... to behold: 2000 & 16 total clean ballots for UBUNTU-PARTY on Wed' evening, posted on the outside of KNYSNA Voting-Station doors! ...Let's resonate our Collective Ubuntu Intention with open-Heart Visualization - Welcome ONE & ALL to the New Ubuntu In-MAGic-NATION :o)< >(o: See the end-result we desire in the sacred space of the Heart, for in this space, we Are One, and from within this place, we collectively Dream the Future we Choose into Being. Let our Minds find a point of tranquility, standing calmly with dignity, deeply Knowing that the Time of Transcendence is in this Present Moment. Imagine the Awakening Hearts of many Voters drawn to our Ubuntu Logo ~ Mother-Earth with Wings, Nurtured by the Hands of The People ~ choosing to Be The One, together in the Oneness of Being. Ubuntu offers Hope where there is doubt, and many will doubt enough to leave empty squares empty, and prefer to fill the spaces for Ubuntu with marks a'plenty !
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