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Re: the SA Results - Sylvia and Michael have both [...]

Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Re: the SA Results - Sylvia and Michael have both made excellent points about the election and the energetic shift that we've accomplished no matter what results we end up seeing in the illusion. Imagine the great numbers f people Ubuntu has reached worldwide who have become wholeheartedly enthused about a positive future. We know there are those who were asleep who've woken up as a result of the warmth, compassion, and hope Ubuntu brings. No matter how they vote, that spark has ignited in their soul. The masses are awakening and THAT is the critical piece. It's the awakening that will impact what we all manifest together for our future. Our global consciousness has been truly sparked to a new life by Ubuntu and we are all here to keep that burning brightly no matter what the illusion tries to make us think. We know we're more powerful than our day to day grind is intended to make us think. Love conquers all. Scientifically, one high vibing person cancels out the low vibes of many. So we're talking, be the 100th monkey here, now, during these results. No matter what you see, and I want to be optimistic here, carry in your heart the knowledge that true victory is ours. Victory of the Light!
Kari H
Bottomline, remember that no matter what you see in the illusion, true Victory of the Light is ours and THAT eclipses anything you see in the day to day grind in the end.
Friday 5 August 2016, 03:34:33
Saturday 6 August 2016, 11:53:03
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