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My name is Pia and I'm from Germany. I will [...]

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My name is Pia and I'm from Germany. I will be in Iceland till the end of October. I was wondering if anyone of you in Iceland is interested in meeting up. Also my actual plan, working in Iceland, has totally changed so I'm up to new things and I'm looking for some nice places to stay. I'm looking forward to hear from you. Pia
Sigur Be Awaken
Hello Avia, my self will be going to Snæfellsjökul, Reykjavík and Þórsmörk to bury Cintamani stone´s in the ground soon, bud if you will be traveling north near Dalvík , you can come and stay here at the farm in the center of Tröllaskaga about 20km from Dalvík, hope you will have a great time here
Saturday 6 August 2016, 15:19:15
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