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Have found Douglas Dietrich a great source of info. Former [...]

Thornley, County Durham
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Have found Douglas Dietrich a great source of info. Former employee of the Department of Defence. His radio show Critical Omissions is on Youtube.
Copy the whole link at the top of page and paste it into a new post. That's the best way to show others. If you are not sure just ask and someone will explain in more detail.
Sunday 7 August 2016, 13:38:58
Lol.. yes you'll have to explain ...I'm not great with technospeak...suppose I should make more effort as we're more and more reliant on this form of communication. I've avoided it for years but now seems no other option..well, beat them at their own game eh?
Monday 8 August 2016, 07:11:01
Hi Julie. With the page you want to show users just highlight all the www. at the top of your browser and then right click and copy. Then to post on this site right click and paste. I hope this helps. Users will then be able to see and look up what you effectively want them to see.
Monday 8 August 2016, 23:57:13
Great thanks will have a go!
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 07:08:02
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