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Hey guys just wanted to share this with you [...]

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Hey guys just wanted to share this with you ..
so there is this new website called it is basicly a mix between facebook, redditand bitcoin (since it operates on the blockchain, which makes it also safe from cencorship) and you actually get rewarded for your posts likes and comments on this site!!!
and by your steempower you can influence the other peoples posts..
i just thought it is amazing since first this might a great way to spread the message of ubuntu .
since most people there are free thinkers e.g. a lot of anarchist are on this site .
so if you are a creator of content in any way you should consider using this platform!
or just if you want to talk about any topic , and you might even get some money while doing so
heres a link where it is explained in a nice way…
IR Ted
Thanks for sharing! Great idea and in line with UBUNTU liberation.
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 15:34:51
Julius B
cool like someone picked up on this when you signed up write me your name so i can follow you
Thursday 11 August 2016, 17:16:08
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